5 Reasons Outsourcing Live Chat Operators Can Benefit Your Business

5 Reasons Outsourcing Live Chat Operators Can Benefit Your Business

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Do you own an online business? Do you depend on live chat to communicate with your customers? If answer to both these questions is YES, you must know that simple mistakes done in live chat experience can make everything disaster and not an opportunity.

Wondering what to do? Well, outsourcing could be the best solution as it allows building your own team with talented experts. Train these professionals as extensions to your existing customer service teams and reap benefits.

Check out 5 reasons how outsourcing live chat operators can benefit your organization:

1.  Handle extensive volume of chat requests effortlessly

When dealing with people in real-time, meeting their expectations needs to be the priority. When a customer sees the option of live chat on a website and upon clicking gets a message saying “no one is available at the moment”, he/she will leave the site immediately and go somewhere else.

If there’s something that’s even worse, it is seeing the live chat operators logged in but none of them responding to the query. Here, it is important to know that when a customer needs answer to a query, you must be available to assist them with prompt solutions. No matter it is day or night, attending the consumers on time has its own benefits.

2.  Live chat operators are used to working on email and telephone systems

 With outsourced live chat operators, it gets easy to depend on skilled individuals who have the essential knowledge that’s needed to engage with potential customers. Most of the queries asked through live chat are generic, like stock or returns and information related to delivery. With time, outsourced live chat operators develop in-depth knowledge of the brand and its products/services. However, in the initial stages,it is good to identify SLAs regarding when and how live chat queries are escalated. All this makes a potential customer an opportunity with whom you can engage through your existing customer service teams.


3.  Cost effective and hassle free process

As far as cost of developing a dedicated team of live chat operators is concerned, it is quite expensive. This is because apart from salaries, there are recruitment costs, employment on-costs, infrastructure, etc. Outsourcing live chat operators helps to develop a flexible operation. Reason being, you can focus on the needed type and tone of engagement while your partner will look after service provision details and daily management. Generating revenues and fulfilling customer satisfaction turns easy this way.

It is important not to treat support from outsourced live chat operators as additional cost. Instead, it should be considered as an investment that pays immediate returns. After the bills are paid, you will see an ROI on live chat, running into the hundreds of percent. Need not say but you will benefit from higher conversions through live chat along with boost in average order value.

4.  An established partner will ensure you hit the ground running

 It’s quite obvious that it takes time to learn the best ways of implementing and achieving the desired results. Being careful in collaborating with a partner for providing live chat services, benefits owing to the extensive experience and knowledge about what will work best and when.

Talking about the variables to be considered, they are many including:

  • How to use reactive click-to-chat buttons?
  • What rules govern proactive chat invitations?
  • What about button or invitation design and what works best in multiple situations?
  • How to ensure chat invitations are accepted and not resented by customers?
  • How to understand various statistics and data generated by live chat?

With the support of a good partner, doing all this isn’t a big deal.

5.  Drive continuous improvement process and improve live chat results

 You can without a doubt expect your partner to provide you the outsourced live chat operators. Also, they will provide you the software that’s needed to keep things working. However, they will charge fees for this. Well, don’t take it as stress because you will get increased revenues, higher conversions and satisfied customers.

Live chat operators get in the front line to deal with user experience issues that make difference in terms of whether one completes the purchase or gives up. All the problems with the website get resolved on time. This is all because these professionals stay active on your website 24 hours a day. The moment a problem pops up, it is caught and fixed.

Last but not the least, engagement with website visitors allow the operators to test ways on how to achieve the most effective live chat engagements for the business.

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