Embrace The Psychology Of Colors In Website Designing

Embrace The Psychology Of Colors In Website Designing

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“Color creates, enhances, changes, reveals and establishes the mood of the painting.” -Kiff Holland
Forever long, it takes, to explore the palette of colors because the shades get deeper than the ocean and lighter than a feather. There are limitless possibilities to experiment with colors and have a unique shade every time. The astonishing fact would be, whatsoever the definition of the color is, its impact is palpable- soulful and visual.

It is interesting to note the importance of color psychology when it comes to website designing. Since, online marketing has countable factors which affects the customers, therefore, careful study of color and its implementation gets the attention.

Check out the following well-studied facts about the use of colors while designing the website to convert the audience into customers :

1.  Pink : Play With Emotions

The wind behind pink is about emotions, peppiness and femininity. About 23% of women prefer sites that make use of pink. Also, the designers have a lot to experiment when it comes to mix and match. E-commerce sites that deal in apparels and bakery services can grow their chances with the color of subtlety and elegance.

2.  Blue : Success & Blue Are Intertwined

By the statistics, 57% of men and 35% of women prefer blue as the color of website. Clearly, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, Flipkart and all the major giants have blue theme. It seems the path to success goes through blues. Literally. Blue attracts investment. Therefore, the merchant sites prefer blue as well. This color gives no reason to fail at any point of time. It’s just BLUETIFUL!

3.  Red : Two Sides Of A Coin

Red grabs your attention instantly. It could be used as a sign for danger, warning or threat. Or else, deeper shades of red like rosewood, auburn, carmine and burgundy can be used to indicate elegance, romance and youthfulness. People who own beauty salon, event company or cellular company can make use of red!

4.  Black : Everything Goes With Black

The science validates that black was 100% absorptive. It consumes the space like no other color. Wherever you need to create urgency or gain the attention of the customer, use black with a pair of bright colors. Websites that deal in fashion, photography, automotive and luxury products can add value to their website by using shades of black as their backdrop.

5.  Orange : Warmth Of A Color

Orange is a warm color. It definitely attracts the attention at first sight. Mostly if the contrast is kept in mind. Restaurants, antivirus software companies, fruit juice companies and more have their theme set as orange. Just like the citric taste of fruit, the color refreshes your sight.

 6. White : Simplicity Rides The Wheels Of Goodness

The purest color that rules the internet is white. You can never find a replacement to this color when it comes to building websites for NGOs, welfare communities, medical stores or other noble organization. Also, due to the clarity it provides to the e-commerce sites, it is usually the background color of most of the shopping sites.

 7. Green : Attract The Attention Of Audience

Green is all about subtlety, purity, innocence and wealth. It has a positive aura connected to it. People tend to click on Call To Action Buttons which are colored green, as they find it to be leading to the page they are looking for. It plays with the mind of users and makes them less suspicious of the following content. You can always gain confidence in an instance. Websites that deals in agricultural products, property dealing and rescue organizations can use green theme to represent their motto positively. Majorly, it is one of the best options for CTA buttons.

 8. Yellow : Make Your Clients Make A Move

This bright color sends out energy, warmth and motivation. Websites that has yellow accompanied by dark color, especially royal blue, can create magic. All your services are pretty well highlighted. Also, the shopping carts have their infamous ‘Add To Cart’ CTA button in yellow color as it prompts the customer to click on to it. Wherever you want to draw attention, don’t forget to use shades of yellow.


 9.  B&W : Make It Simple Again

The monochrome trend can never get old or fade away due to the simplicity in thought and impression it presents. Technology to creativity, monochromatic patterns can handle everything. 95% of websites are either one or two colors based. Out of which, music sites, technical sites and photography sites hold the reputation for using black and white theme.

With so much of energy and research that goes in color psychology before finalizing the ultimate website design; you must carefully implement all necessary checklist of a successful website. Ultimately, 97% of your conversion is based on the visual impression on the client. Think. Act. Relax.

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