Outsource 10 Business Tasks To Virtual Assistants For Exponential Growth

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How do you think to double your revenue, reduce the cost by half and improve the productivity in a given period with 9 to 5 schedule? Well, that’s Virtual Assistance for you. Usually termed as VA; it’s breaking the norms that limits the abilities of a company to expand and flourish in the market.

The Snippet Of VA’s Reality

By 2020, VA industry is estimated to reach $8 billion mark. The top most entrepreneurs understand how to focus on their strengths and delegate their weaknesses. Turning into a mono-tasker at the right time can save your fuel rather than exhausting yourself as a multi-tasker in the beginning of the race.

If you talk of the infamous entrepreneurs of today’s time who find comfort in hiring a VA then start with The 4-Hour Work Week’s author, Tim Ferris who saves his time to clear the clutter in his mailbox. Pat Flynn, founder of Smart Passive Income, maximizes his productivity by focusing on the major tasks. Matt Wolfe reached his motto in short time only when he hired a VA. The list of inspirational leaders can go long but its essence remains.

“Hire VA before your work starts to cost you more than money and time.”



1.  Managing Mailbox And Call Handling

Distraction in your workflow can occur in form of 2 minutes in responding to a call or 5 minutes in replying to a mail. However important it is, you can lose the continuity once you break the flow. Let your personal VA segregate and take care of your inbox and call logs remotely so that you can enter a no-disturbance zone.

2.  Data Management And Handling

This part of business qualifies for the finale of “The Most Lethargic Work”. It’s a multitude of tasks such as :

  • Data entry
  • Bookkeeping
  • Data presentation
  • Update excel sheets
  • Contact data management
  • Work out your CRM system
  • Management of backup data and lot more

There’s no point of using your valuable employee to do something so boring on regular basis when there are people who are ready to freelance their time and skills to you at a much lesser price.

3.  Online Marketing

There are individuals to large firms who are supporting other companies to carry out their online marketing at an ease and with more expertise. Their employees working as virtual assistats are highly skilled and tuned to the advanced methods of marketing. To put your name on the golden sheet of search engine (first page), you don’t need extra money but extra assistance to upscale your approach to your audience.

4.  Social Media Marketing

Closely related to online marketing but social media deserves exclusive attention as its impact is strong and can’t be taken lightly. You need to have a team of experts who have the knowledge and techniques to do it right. Hire VA to give you the precise set of SMO methods which shows instant results.

5.  Keeping Record Of Competitors

You need data about your competitors’ market position so that you could keep up with the pace and learn different ways of leading your company to the heights. Why not to ask a marketer to update you with weekly statistics using specialized tools and techniques? Keep the frustration at bay and enjoy the reports right on your table.

6.  Web Designing and Development

Imagine, you’ve a business for automobiles’ repair services and you need to put your business on internet. Would you hire a developer, designer and content writer to work for your website development or you’d simply switch to virtual assistance to do it all for you? Pretty obvious that if you’re here for business then you want high returns and low incurred cost. Outsource your web development to the pioneers of the field to get the best solution at easy prices.

7.  Turn Virtual Assistant Into Personal Assistant

You don’t need an employee to tag along with you to remind you its and bits all the time. Hire a VA as your PA to handle the chores that include maintaining calendar, setting up meetings, updating to-do lists, prioritizing appointments and replying to general mails. Many of the basic tasks can be relegated off your shoulder.

8.  Content Marketing

Your website needs new and original content which strikes a chord with your audience. Just hang in there while someone writes articles, blogs and other piece of writing for your company. Outsourcing content marketing also adds newness to your mundane content.

9.  Online Technical Training

You must give a platform to your employees for their personal growth. Inclusion of new technologies can leave your employees feel left out or less productive so hire a VA for giving out technical classes that enhances their knowledge and skills.

10.  Research and Development

Innovation has to come from some place. If you and your employees are out of ideas or you think the saturation has come then hire someone from outside your business to take their inputs on your business process. Don’t blame if ideas are not knocking on; may be you haven’t build the right door. Give them R&D of market trends, company status, administration policies and other inside out factors that would be affecting your growth.

“Behind every HAPPY & SUCCESSFUL business owner, there’s a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.” – Rosie Shilo

While your auxiliary business processes are taken care by professionals with sharp skills and precision in their work, you can relax and enjoy the benefits in terms of satisfaction and appreciation.

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  1. James Robert says:

    An interesting article. Thanks for writing. Hiring a virtual assistant is like having 10 hands. I have personally outsourced most of the stuffs to assistants.

    • admin says:

      Hey James, thanks for the overwhelming feedback. Yes, Virtual Assistants make things way easy and boost productivity. We applaud you for outsourcing your tasks to these professionals. Catch up with our other posts too and let us know your thoughts.

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