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WonkCoin came to us in May 2018 with a concept focused on cryptocurrency. Allowing users to conduct manual and peer to peer transactions, it is client’s own digital currency. Also, users can store the coins, exchange them with each other and track their previous records.


Client's Expectations

Client wanted WonkCoin to establish its own identity and expected us to create a website that’s ultra-modern, current up to date, custom coded on everything and extremely efficient and fast.



Owing to the complex genre of cryptocurrency, the project had its share of challenges for our team. Though their list is a bit long, some of the most efforts investing ones are compiled below:

  • Echeck API integration of Green Money was in no way a piece of cake due to the strict standards & guidelines of the company.
  • WonkCoin provides its users with a payment system via integration of Echeck API of third party. Since users details are sensitive, encrypting their data whenever they buy, sell or share the coins was the job on our shoulders and required integration of tokenization for data security.
  • Worked as per PCI Complaince management and provided the security layer via HTTPS, encryption methods.

Strategy & Approach

Our team was geared up to face the challenges confidently and channelized their minds and skills in the right direction. Keeping everything in consideration, a blue print was created as per client’s expectations from the project. Secure & validated tokenization system was incorporated using standard security practices to protect the sensitive details. Moreover, encryption algorithm to check & store users details along with sign-up and sign-in was also implemented.

Our Process

Since nothing regarding the design and development was definite from the client’s end, we designed the website using our own ideas and creativity. Understanding the subject of WonkCoin and exploring related websites, we created a blueprint, shared it with the client and turned it into reality in the form of a sleek and clean website that appeals with its friendly interface and simple navigation.

After getting the nod to execute the planned actions, our team created a sleek and clean website that appeals with its friendly interface and simple navigation. Also, our backend team completed its role on the portal.

As per client’s requirement, defining the roles in the portal for easy maintaining the permissions of the functions that will be available for the user.

Some of the core functions we provided include:

1. Sign-In and Sign-Up Options

2. Enabling the admin to track all the users and their order history

3. Allowing users to sign up only if their country code matches with the country codes supported by WonkCoin

4. In the portal, allowing users to share the coins with each other via their unique id

5. Enabling dashboard notifications along with the email update

6. Integrating Echeck Payment System in the portal for buying the coins


Designing Framework

Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery


Development Framework



Security Tools

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Stored Procedure


Logo Design



Client Feedback

Efforts, brainstorming and creativity of our talented team placed the ball in our court. Not only the client felt overwhelmed with the work we did but also appreciated the hard work of each team member.

People Involved


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