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"Boredom, dullness & blocked minds! We keep them away with our lively & happening events & activities."

Plaxonic Technologies has created a culture that emphasizes on client centricity, employee happiness and continuous improvement. We have our own unified set of values that guide us in every situation and push us a step ahead than the previous day. Work freedom, healthy activities, celebrations and rewards, whatever it takes to encourage our people, we don’t think twice before putting it into action.


Plaxonic Idea Factory

TED Talks, is there anyone who isn’t smitten by their powerful influence? Understanding their potential of infusing confidence in people to express their thoughts in front of massive audience, we have our own concept, known as PIF or Plaxonic Idea Factory. When everyone gets a chance to speak their heart out and others boost their confidence without being judgmental, hesitation to speak in public disappears.


Rewards & Recognition

We never step back from recognizing and rewarding the efforts of our hardworking employees. Weekly, monthly and quarterly rewards and recognition sessions are held lto acknowledge their skills and honor their never give up spirit. Awards in various categories are presented to the deserving employees along with amazing gift hampers & rewards.



Festivals, Plaxonic’s official Founder’s Day and monthly activities are significant occasions for us. Various themes are planned, fun games and activities are organized to raise the fervor level and promote zest & zeal. Not to forget, some really appetizing dishes are arranged too.


Quarterly Retreats

Nothing other than a get together to a relaxing location can recharge everyone’s mind and help to know each other even better. Every time we hit our target with flying colors, we celebrate the achievement together with fun, food, music, dance, outings and unity.


Sports & Fitness Challenge

We are a hub of people who are sporty, adventurous and love challenges not only off-the field but on-the field too. Fitness competitions like skipping, flat planks, push-ups and sports like cricket are conducted to promote team bonding and keep Plaxonians active. Claps, motivation & laughter make every second worth enjoying.


Co-Curricular Activities

All work & no play results in monotonous environment. We don't allow such a discouraging vibes to settle at our work place. Recreational activities such as PlayStation, hoverboard, table tennis, carom board and more make break-time the best time of every day. Such friendly activities keep the workplace refreshed and energetic without affecting the productivity.

Coming Soon

More will be revealed shortly. Until then, visit us on Desktop/Laptop.