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Pioneers in the world of technology services, digital transformation and consulting, Plaxonic Technologies has come a long way from the day it was born till the current day. With its back-to-back benchmark achievements, Plaxonic has earned some really amazing prestige in advancing the corporate world.

We envision and create not just products & services but experiences to develop new business models, which in turn foster economic value via rendering new growth. As a vanguard of enthusiastic minds, Plaxonic undertakes opportunities with confidence to make the best out of them and forge the future of technology.

  • With a total number of 7 skilled people, Plaxonic Technologies was founded by Mr. Shaan Rizvi.
  • EvoBulls, an online fraud detecting platform to protect e-commerce transactions & secure the merchant account providers was formed.
  • Plaxonic was incorporated on September 5.
  • Founded Amazing7 Studios to lift the business world with impeccable web design & development services.
  • Created Paycron to smooth the complex world of online payment processing through efficient merchant services.
  • MD Hotline process was launched to cater to the medical needs of general public.
  • Plaxonic Technologies was featured in the list of “Best Lead Generation Companies by Good Firms.
  • Got featured in the list of “Top Virtual Assistant Companies” by Good Firms.
  • Appeared in the list of “Best Companies for Customer Services” by Good Firms.
  • Plaxonic was featured in the list of “Best Digital Marketing Companies in Florida” Good Firms.
  • Initiated Book India Holiday to assist travelers in exploring India’s exotic locations with amazing packages.
  • Founded DigitalBulls, an online technical classes platform along with support solutions.
  • Launched US Staffing to help job seekers get stable jobs on Plaxonic’s payroll.
  • Plaxonic discovered Spreading Happiness, a program to surprisingly visit homes of deserving employees with gifts & rewards.
  • Launched one of its most prestigious projects, Kullu Dussehra, India.
  • Plaxonic became a company of 100 proficient employees.
  • Launched its corporate office in Hong Kong.
  • Launched Go Kullu, an Indian government project.
  • Introduced Plaxonic Idea Factory (PIF), Plaxonic’s own TED TALK.
  • Bagged State Civil Award for Go Kullu.
  • Bagged Dr. APJ Kalam Award for Go Kullu.
  • Launched Echeck gateway solutions for payments in the market.
  • Featured in Insight Success, one of the best business magazines in the world.
  • Handled Customer Support Solutions for Haryana Government Project, India.
  • Launched its corporate office in Dubai.
  • Launched another corporate office in Philippines.
  • Invented iKnock, its very own visitor management app for societies & corporate.
  • Launched Quick SEO Checker tool in the market.
  • Featured in the list of 27 Best Outsourcing Companies In India by Time Doctor.

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