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"We foresee the future, we originate ideas, we befriend corporate challenges & we create the unbelievable.” - Plaxonic Technologies

An organization with some of the most intellectual minds working together, Plaxonic believes in - “inventing advanced technologies & innovating them further to invent more.” We engineer smart IT & BPM solutions that understand, meet and deliver business expectations of our client base. Merging together our years of expertise and ambitious strategies, we serve the ever evolving corporate world with services like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Digital Transformation, Data Analytics & more.

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Our Diversity Is Our Strength

That’s right! Our company has talented people from different fields, which helps to instill a unique perspective in every project we work on. From day one till the current year, we have earned some of the very prestigious clients who belong to businesses of every type, every size & every industry.

Together, we create solutions that:

  • Never go out of trend

  • Support our clients to expand their business

  • Build long-term relationship between us and our client base

  • Assure our clientele perform excellent at the global level


Customer Relationship Management

Treasure of a business is its client base, thus, keeping it contented is the way to thrive. We are all ears for our clients needs, which helps us to win the trust of current customers and gain the trust of new ones.

Corporate Accountability

Though revolutionary businesses are an integral element of the evolving & modern economy, we believe that they must be responsible enough to represent the interests of the surroundings & living beings. Whatever we do, we don’t mind being accountable for its impact.

Colleagues Cum Companions

Our people are our oxygen to breathe. Apart from being employees, they are a valuable part of our organization even beyond the walls of the company. We don’t differentiate but give everyone equal worth & opportunities to transform into their career best.


Consistently inventing & innovating indomitable corporate solutions that don’t bite the dust of time and stand unchallenged.


Birth Of Plaxonians

Plaxonic Technologies was founded by Mr. Shaan Rizvi on September 5, 2013 with the motto, 'Invent & Innovate'. What started as a journey to bring a unique change in the ordinary corporate world, changed into a successful business with Mr. Rizvi’s dedication, skills and vision to dream big & achieve it.

Just like every other start-up, Plaxonic too faced challenges in the initial stages but as they say, “Nothing worth having comes easy”, the company fought the odds, proved our worth, caught the attention of potential prospects and emerged as one of the top IT & BPM companies within no time.

With a strength of 100+ employees, Plaxonic is a not a company but a family of happily satisfied professionals who give their best every day without losing their spark.

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Coming Soon

More will be revealed shortly. Until then, visit us on Desktop/Laptop.