ALERT: These 10 Body Language Blunders Kill Your Job Interview

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Folded hands, shaking legs, murmuring lips, looking here & there and so much more. These gestures committed at your end turn things against you during the most precious moments of your life.

Body language and voice tone – do you have any idea that anything you say is determined through them? According to Professor Albert Mehrabian, just 7% of the message is communicated verbally. As far as the remaining 93% is concerned, 38% is conveyed through tone of voice and 55% is done via body language.

Not only people but body language and tone of voice also cheat with the true feelings. When going for an interview, taking control of body language is important like anything. OMG! How’s that possible? Is this something you just wondered? Well, you would be surprised to know that when you give your best to say nothing but the right things, your body narrates a completely opposite story. MIND IT! The narration is not in your favor.

Presenting 10 body language mistakes you must keep distance from.

  1. Weak first impression

Eagle eyes of employers identify the right candidate in just 30 seconds and that’s because of body language. ‘Confidence minus arrogance is the key.’ Walking in with a smile followed by a gentle handshake is a good start. However, if you are sweating out of nervousness or anything else, make sure wiping your hands before getting inside the room. After all, sticky handshakes are liked by none.

  1. Touching the face

No matter how much you love touching your face, avoid this habit during the interview. Touching your lips, forehead, nose, etc. show only one thing and that is you being dishonest or nervous. Also, for that last handshake at the end of the interview, you must allow your hands to be clean. Hands on the nose or mouth are simply gross.

  1. The leg tremble

Leg wobble has many forms. For instance, some people have the habit of jiggling one leg up and down while sitting. Others are fond of crossing their legs and shaking one foot. And then there are some who just can’t stop trembling both the legs together. But why does it happen? Out of nervousness, annoying tendency or due to restless leg syndrome.  What’s even worse is the message that says that you are anxious and waiting desperately to go out.

  1. Crossing the arms

You appear bored or defensive or closed off when arms are crossed. When you are in front of a potential employer, this attitude is not acceptable.

  1. Slouching/ sitting up too straight

While sitting straight is considered a good posture, it looks prudish and stiff during the interview phase. As obvious, you don’t want to look this way in front of an interviewer. Besides, you don’t want them to feel uncomfortable too. Working with someone who makes the other feel awkward is something nobody wants. Yes, you should sit straight but not too straight. Also, don’t behave so relaxed that you look droopy.

  1. Carrying a lot of stuff

When going for multiple interviews the same day, you just can’t save yourself from carrying many things. However, you must keep everything properly in one bag and keep it beside you when called for the interview. Ensure not involving in balancing things like phone, pen, resumes and more. When you do this, you only look unprepared, confused and clumsy. Things turn even worse when things start falling down one by one.

  1. Staring

Maintaining eye contact is important during the interview. But like everything else, even this has a limit and doing it excessively makes you staring at the interviewer in a way that they almost freak out. Don’t you agree that no one wants to be stared until their soul?

If there are many people in the room, make eye contact with each one of them. But yes, don’t stare at the forehead or mouth. Also, do blink!

  1. Talking with hands

Are you addicted of using hands when talking, as this is the only way you feel emphasizing on what you are saying or conveying things better? If so, you got to be careful.

According to Mark Bowden, author of ‘Winning Body Language,’ keeping hands and arms in the truth plane is the way to turn things in your favor. As this is an area that fans out about 180 degree from the navel, limiting gestures in this area keeps hands away from face and make you look centered, calm & controlled.

  1. Nodding too much

Admit it – you think that nodding in agreement with whatever the interviewer says makes you look good. Unfortunately, this is not true. Though you must agree to things you find genuine but nodding in everything without understanding the message makes you look spineless or someone who has no opinion of their own.

Want to know what’s even worse? It’s nodding in agreement even when you are not paying attention and have no idea about the question that’s asked. The moment you do this, you are considered a fool. On that note, don’t assume that nodding in disagreement is the way to do; it’s just that you have to be real.

  1. Getting too close or being too away

Shifting the chair away from the table and crossing legs creates more than enough distance between you and the employer. This signals towards nervousness or distrust or nervousness. Similarly, bringing the chair too close to the table and leaning makes you intimidating. Hence, maintain a comfortable distance from the desk. Even if there is no table, neither get too close nor too away.

Heading for an interview? Follow these rules and you will probably end up impressing the employers and grabbing the job. Good Luck!






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