11 Spectacular Digital Marketing Trends For 2018

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It’s December, everyone is talking about bidding farewell to 2017 and welcoming 2018 with a bash. So, what is your goal for the coming year? Buying that dream car? A new home? Taking your beloved to an expensive vacation?

All these plans sound great. However, you can ponder upon our suggestion too – getting your marketing strategies ready for 2018.

Helping you, we have figured out some marketing predictions that will make their way in the coming days. Take out a few minutes and give these valuable points a careful read.

1. Artificial Intelligence Will Come With A Bang


Artificial Intelligence isn’t anything new. You may already be interacting with marketing AI while seeing ads in the search results and on social channels. As per research, 57% of marketers are dependent on it, currently. The growth of technology will make it grow by 53% more in the coming time.

2.  Live Videos and Viewership Will Rise

Live videos

Not only marketers but ordinary people love live videos too. It may surprise you but 80% of the users have confessed enjoying live videos over reading blog posts. As far as Facebook is concerned, their videos attract 3x more views.

Few tips to follow:

  • Use live videos to introduce your followers to employees
  • Use live video at various events and give followers behind-the-scenes look
  • Show holiday displays and sales in live video
  • Promote an exclusive sale or offer to people who watch your live video

3.  Impeccable Growth In Mobile Video Consumption


2018 is the year to optimize your website and marketing strategy. Want to know the shocking part? You are eligible to get penalized if your website is not mobile friendly.

Approximately 25% growth is on the card of mobile video consumption; hence, plan smart strategy and get ahead of the competition.

4.  Customer Experience Marketing Will Go Up


You ought to bestow customers with a good experience when marketing to them. As per the data, 68% of marketers are focusing solely on customer experience, as it helps grain brand loyalists.

When they look for you online and come across two different listings or get poor customer service, they won’t ever look back at you.

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5.  Content Marketing Will Show Its Real Worth


70% people learn about a business via an article over an ad. Is there any need to say how important content marketing is? Plus, it is cheaper as compared to other forms of marketing and yes, generates more leads too.

From blog posts to infographics and videos, it can take many forms.

Don’t find enough time to do it yourself? Consider outsourcing your content creation and streamline the process.

6.  No Stopping for Voice Searches


Voice search can be used anywhere such as tablets, phones, laptops, smart speakers and desktop computers. The coming time will see an incredible boost in voice searches.

Optimization for voice search must include long-tail keywords and conversational phrases that are used the most by the people.

7. Advertising On Tv Will Bloom Like Never Before


YouTube, Facebook and Amazon own their personal TV series’. For instance, Netflix and Hulu have shows that you can see only on their platforms.

As TV is migrating to the digital world, savvy business owners are also following the shift and opting for social media and YouTube ads over local TV commercials.

8.  Strategic Social Media Will Take You To Followers


Reaching target audience on social media is getting hard day by day, thanks to the updates and changing algorithms. To enjoy your social status, you need to fight your own battle.

2018 will be the year for strategic and actionable social media plans not only for local businesses but large brands as well.

Focus on building a powerful social media base to amp up your social strategy.

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9.  Uninterrupted Marketing To Generation Z

Uninterrupted Marketing To Generation Z

Though almost everyone hates marketing to Millennials; however, Generation Z can take some of the heat. Predictions foresee many businesses concentrating on Generation Z marketing because it will rule for almost 20 years.

As this trend is going to rule for decades,  make sure you don’t end up underestimating it.

10. Transparency Will Become Undeniably Crucial


Transparency and trust matter like anything when customers look for local businesses.

People can leave reviews on your profiles and social pages. Google has now added a verification and trust layer to home services businesses through Local Services Ads.

Beef up your review marketing strategy and let customers get a behind-the-scenes look at your business. Look more than a product, service or logo by adding a human element to your marketing.

11.  Digital World Will Go Hyperlocal


The digital landscape has made it easier for local businesses to communicate with customers. Facebook Local provides a more localized social platform to consumers.

Believe it or not but Local Services Ads make you trustworthy. Moreover, they give local businesses the opportunity to compete with biggest brands and attract customers.

Owing to local advancements, reputed brands will focus on local marketing to let their locations rank in the local pack in local events, local social media pages, search results, etc.

So, think local and digital and you are all set for a wonderful start to 2018.

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    Today Digital transformation is here, and marketing people are aware of the shift in its industry. Now Influencer are able to make your posts viral and Brand Marketers will use them to increase the volume of sale.

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      Hey Jenny, we appreciate our blog. We do agree that Digital Transformation has some risks but taking the right measures and being a bit careful helps in making out the best of the Digital Era. We would love to write about it too and help you to stay protected.

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