11 Web Design Trends: Open Your Arms To Welcome These

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Not many days are left to 2019 and not many days are left to welcome the new digital trends. Current huge and saturated world expects wonderful as well as creative web designs. Abiding by this need of the hour, this post covers UX design trends that are all set to influence the web design world.
Here we go…

1. Rotating Animations
To keep users coming back again & again, nothing could be better than switching up the content. Some of the reputed brands are thriving really well by rotating titles of their articles along with call-outs. Then there are others who present a different video every time their homepage is refreshed. Such experiences excite users because they get to see different things repeatedly.

2. Non-Traditional Scrolling
Unique user experience comes with trying varying scrolling techniques. Instead of the usual vertical scroll, using a horizontal scroll at the top of the website is a great way to grab attention of users by showcasing their associated partners and presenting valuable facts about their business. 2019 is the year devoted to trying and seeing various shades of non-traditional scrolling.

3. Designs With Gradients
Instagram got appreciable attention by re-branding its logo to the magenta gradient. From the leading style of the time, this change was quite different; however, modernizing the gradients influenced the design completely and became famous as a design blended with creativity.

4. Interactive Web Designs
User interactivity has got popular and will bloom further. Customers are fond of responsive websites pages that have features along with user interactivity. However, clients are not interested in paying for the innovative interactivity, despite desiring such engaging features. As per the predictions, more & more automated development processes will make their way and will bring down the cost for clients expecting incomparable and one-of-their-kind interactive features.

5. UX-Driven Diagonal Lines
Diagonal line design is visually challenging but results in directional purpose for the eyes to go down the page or focus on call-to-action. Hence, diagonals increase strength of users that scroll down throughout the website.

6. Scroll-Triggered Animations
These are becoming sensation as incredible web design trends that are gaining popularity like anything. Apart from showing visual design and front-end development, they boost engagement. This particular trend is highly promising for users to convert, provided the animations don’t interfere with the website’s goal and confuses the users.

7. Color Branding
Multiple color branding is amazing in every way. This design has its own way to assist the user navigate the website and connect with the service or product page they are looking at, all thanks to the visual color hues.

8. Adding More Depth
An ordinary website can be given a complex look by developing web design that has drop shadows and different colors to add more depth. Flat designs that seem 3D are visually appealing and take users towards the sales process. Using gradients and drop shadows are some ways to add more depth.

9. Large & Attention-Seeking Titles
Users have limited time to spend on a website, which is why large and bold titles with short messages is the way to capture the viewers. If more detail has to be put, size of heading tags should be increased and must be paired with small sub-text copy.

10. Abstract Shapes
This trend is pure love as brands are moving towards variable shapes to add an extra element that fascinates the users. Integrating modern gradients, using abstract shapes and graphics are surely ways to stand out of the crowd for all the great reasons.

11. Detailed Footers
Footers no longer just provide contact information or a sign-up form. In today’s time, they have emerged as the space to incorporate additional elements of the homepage. Using other important elements in the footer space makes the website look simply outstanding.

It’s A Wrap
If your business is waiting to take your web design to undisputed heights, it’s time to partner with a reliable & innovation thirsty web development company like us. Hurry up! It’s time to create strategies and rule 2019.


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