3 Business Tasks Successful Entrepreneurs Always Outsource To Professional Virtual Assistants

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If you are always confused about tasks that are meant to be delegated to a virtual personal assistant, give this post a wise read.

Stuck with laborious work that could be done by just anyone? Meeting projects deadlines is a struggle just because you have too many tasks in the pipeline? Do you think there’s no one who can lighten your burden? PAUSE & THINK AGAIN!

Be it any established entrepreneur, they always have a skilled VA at their beck and call to help them deal with several projects or managerial tasks. For you, time has come to step into the shoes of these successful entrepreneurs.

What’s the Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

A successful business needs to hire talented people and a VA could be one of those. With the best virtual assistant by your side, you will have a face-off with challenges that come while delegating tasks. Also, you will get to realize what is meant by the term, ‘people management.’
Assigning the tasks along with needed training & instruction and utilizing overall strengths of VA is the path to establish a prosperous bond with this very valuable expert. Communicating clearly with him and explaining the tasks in the desired way takes time. However, upon nailing these skills, there’s no stopping from taking ahead the business faster than ever imagined.

What Tasks to Outsource?

As per the most successful & celebrated entrepreneurs, responsibilities to be assigned to a VA include:

1. SEO & Social Media
In the words of Josh Steimle, author, speaker and founder of Influencer Inc., “I have a team of VAs running Influencer Inc, helping out with SEO and social media management for the clients I’m coaching.”
His virtual assistants help him to research his content. Besides, they give their best to ensure he is always on the forefront of keywords, trends and ranking.

2. Repetitive & Templated Work
Founder of Screw The Cubicle, Lydia Lee supports professionals to utilize their skills and lay foundation of a purposeful business. She assists them to carve careers that are not dependent on location. As far as the repetitive tasks are there, she depends on VAs for them and saves herself from doing usual tasks that show up every week.

As these tasks are possible to be done with the same method, providing the needed training to the VA is the best thing to fulfill them and steal some free time to take the business to new heights.
Next comes Tome Hunt, speaker at TEDx and Internet entrepreneur, he relies on virtual assistants for everyday and low level tasks. He believes that this way, he can use his saved time & attention to create value for his audience.

3. Production of Blog, Vlog & Podcast
Matt Bodnar, known as “Strategy Pro” by Restaurant Hospitality magazine and “Rising Restaurateur Star” by the National Restaurant Association is an associate at Fresh Hospitality, an early stage investment firm and concentrates on making deals and strategy.
Bodnar, creator and host of The Science of Success, a podcast, uses VAs to make podcast pages, post audio as well as plan interviews.

When to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Online business has a number of layers and functions, such as social media marketing, email marketing, content creation and more. Even after working non-stop throughout day and night, doing every major thing is not possible. Moreover, neither anyone would be influenced nor there won’t be any profits. End result? Failures and disappointments!

When workload increases beyond the point where it can be handled effortlessly, a virtual assistant has to be hired. Trying to do everything inhibits growth, increases mistakes and takes close to road to burnout.
How to Prepare a VA?

Track the time for few weeks to estimate the total time spent on carrying out each task. Upon this, calculate the average time taken by each task. After all this, create a list showing up the tasks that take maximum time and then make description for virtual assistance job role.

Now, with screen capture technology, record yourself right from accomplishing a task from the start till its end. This has to be followed by uploading the particular video to let the newly hired VA access the training to perform the tasks flawlessly.

Lastly, stay productive with your VA. You would be glad to know that virtual assistants love to work hard and are eager to form a thriving relationship with the entrepreneur, i.e. you. Give them a well-structured plan, discuss your expectations and give them the needed training. Once you do all this, nothing can stop your business from expanding faster and popularly.


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