3 Marketing Tricks To Make It Big In Sales World

3 Marketing Tricks To Make It Big In Sales World

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When marketing and advertising a small business, the focus needs to be on multiple areas rather than just thinking about attracting new customers. It might surprise you but this is the most difficult and expensive way to grow a business.

Most of the small business entrepreneurs build their marketing and advertising strategy around bringing new business. As a result, they involve in lot of networking, ads placement, cold calling and finding referral partners.

In general term, these are known as “attraction tactics” as they aim to attract new clients and customers. Well, that’s good and effective to great extent.

Take a look at 3 marketing tactics that will actually help your business get in the right shape.

1. Understanding consequences of attraction

Attraction tactics are valuable and effective part of every marketing plan. True that! They get name, make the business memorable and create a sense of familiarity. However, what needs to be understood here is that these tactics are expensive and take ample time to generate expected results.

You must be curious to know the reason behind. Well, it takes approximately 7 times more funds to get a new customer than keeping an already existing one. To ensure these new customers notice you, you need to get in front of them at least 7-10 times. This is followed by another 7 or more times before they start thinking about taking action.

Sadly, it’s hard to track results from these tactics. Be it any business, to make the marketing produce results like anything, it ‘s required to use a mix of:

  • Attraction tactics: To get noticed, create brand recognition and boost familiarity
  • Conversion tactics: To get customers take action like call, sign up or buy
  • Retention tactics: To keep in touch with past customers and turn them into repeat customers & referral sources

2. Converting the masses

Conversion tactics are a good way to take some sort of action. Reason being, they convert cold prospects into warm prospects or even turn them into customers.

Letters or postcards that say, ‘put a sticker here..send this back..order this..do that’ refers to engaging in conversion marketing.

Similarly, an ad that says, “call now for your free report on…” is expecting the customer to take action.

Link on a website that says, “click here to learn more about _______” is also a conversion tactic.

Overall effective conversion is a wonderful thing due to the fact that it weeds out the uninterested, helps in building a list, and boosts the sales.

3. Focus on retention

Now this is something most of the entrepreneurs fail at. Spending much time on getting new customers is quite easy. Unfortunately, it makes one forget about the old ones. By the time you realize this, they too forget about you.

However, retention tactics are the easiest, most effective and cost less to implement. Best part, you need to tell past clients about who you are, or explain what you offer and how it benefits. If they had a pleasing experience with you the first time they collaborated with you, it is very much possible they’d feel good about coming to you again. Also, they can refer someone else.

All you need to do is create a system to stay in touch and top of mind. Try sending regular newsletter, writing thank you cards, holding special events and calling people personally.

Last but not the least, you just can’t advertise and expect people to come in or call. To outgrow your business, it is important to take control along with a mix of attraction, conversion and retention tactics. Do it once and you sales will soar like never before.

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