5 Common Outsourcing Questions ANSWERED

5 Common Outsourcing Questions ANSWERED

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Are you an online entrepreneur looking for more growth and productivity from these past few months? If that’s the case, you are on your way to welcome more success, sales and revenue to your business.

You must be knowing, there are so many tasks you can tackle on your own. Once you reach this point in your business, you are almost there to see a plateau in each & every area related to favorable growth.

If you are planning to start with outsourcing some jobs to other professionals belonging to the same industry, you are going good. However, when sending jobs to remote workers, there are 5 common questions on the minds of entrepreneurs who are on the brink of exponential growth.

Read further to discover those major points and know how you can scale your business with outsourcing.

1. How much I need to pay for skill sets I am looking for?

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Pay rate is one of the most common outsourcing questions every business owner has. There’s no doubt market is flooded with freelancers for the job you are offering, finding the perfect worker is no less than a battle.

If you pay too much, you may risk the overall budget which will eventually result in a slower growth. On the other hand, if you pay too little, you tend to risk the quality of work being done. Remember, just because you can hire someone at cheaper rate, it doesn’t mean you will get things done your way. Piece of advice here is the old saying, “You get what you pay for”.

Apart from these questions, make sure not to go into the hiring process blindly. It is good to learn the median pay rate for the job in question. In case you are still not sure, feel free to talk to our experts who will assist you through the entire process.

Let’s take an example here. If you hire a writer to write content for your business, he/she will not be paid the same amount as someone who is into providing customer service. Hence, always know the pay scales which are associated with the job responsibility that you are willing to outsource.

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2.  Why should I hire offshore services?

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When you hire offshore professionals, you get some very exciting perks. For instance, while you are wrapping up your day, they could be getting ready for work. In other words, it is a great way to keep the business running 24/7 and creating more & more opportunities and growth within the company.

3.  What if the worker disappears? How to track whether or not they are doing their job?

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This is a very genuine concern of owners who are looking forward to expand the business desperately. What needs to be understood here is that in the world of outsourcing, you cannot expect the professionals to work in a set time frame. This is because they are not your own employees and what you are looking for is a whole  different ball game.

However, there are many ways to keep an eye on the workers. Check out some of them below:

  • Set a schedule for a task that needs to be completed
  • Set weekly progress report meetings
  • Create a worker report shared by you and the outsourcing experts where you can log in to see what they are doing and how much they have accomplished at any point of time
  • Communicate with them on a daily basis for all the updates

Completing these tasks with them for first few days or weeks is a good way to know how beneficial these professionals are. Once you are sure they will do the required work, rest easy.

4.  How to pay when they are half way across the world?

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Payment needs to be the priority and something you must ask yourself when you get payroll figured out. However, it has got easy to send and receive payments across the world via Internet.

Tell your outsourcing company about your mode of payment and if they don’t have access to it, think for a way that can keep you connected with them.

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5.  Where to start with outsourcing?

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When you are sure about needing extra professionals, you must know where to find them.

You may not believe but approximately 75% of these experts get their next job from word of mouth. This means someone who runs a business similar to yours has already vetted an established freelancer, partnered with them and is ready to recommend them to your company.

You can call your friends and ask them who’d they recommend. This will, without a doubt, simplify your job when you are hunting for a competent worker who has a successful work history.

Word of mouth jobs are proven ways freelancers get hired online. This is also good for the future of your company. Last but not the least, you can take the help from Google search results as well.

The Crux

Grab the bull by the horns with these common outsourcing questions. Until you create a team that’s worthy, you can’t expect explosive growth in your business. Treat these outsourcing questions as goals which you need to hit to build a well-rounded team of workers who will assist you in realizing your business dreams.

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