5 Important Points Not To Forget While Crafting Stories For Brand Marketing

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Connoisseurs of marketing services tell that storytelling is extremely hot these days.
A mention of stories and most of you would fly back in the memory lane to land in your golden days of childhood. Back then, it was your grandmother and her cot where she used to narrate stories every night by the time you fell asleep. In those stories, there were some prince and princess who lived happily ever after or a poor woodcutter who managed to stick to his honesty and got rewarded by God for the same. Every story had a positive end and left you with a moral to takeaway.

What is so Special about Storytelling?
They are magical. You still remember those stories told to you 20 years back, in fact, they are imbibed deep in your memory. Can you give a reason why? Probably, it is because your interest was aroused to great height by the storyteller. Otherwise you could have remembered all those stories which you have read by yourself.
Storytelling is surely an art and not everybody can master it. Creating stories does not mean bluffing about and around the characters.

How do you Define Brand Storytelling?
Some call brand storytelling as memory creation tool, others name it a relationship device, while some consider it as a content creation tool.
Storytelling in brand marketing is entirely different than the stories told by granny. You shall, however, remember to weave them in a way so that they remain interesting for your readers. This holds a great deal of significance since readers of these stories are not only readers but they are either your existing customers or prospects you are eyeing on to attract.

Essence of Brand Storytelling
These days, marketers emphasize greatly on brand storytelling. It is though not a new concept but the vast expansion of social media and content marketing has given wings to the same.
Remember, people will not fall in love with your business. They can only relate themselves to you when you give a personality to engage with. In order to endure brand loyalty, establishing emotional connect with your customers is utmost important.

Elements that make your success in storytelling certain for brand marketing are elaborated in the below given lines:
1. Truth and Authenticity- You cannot afford to miss on the fundamentals when you are dealing with something as delicate as your brand story, since it is capable of making or breaking your brand image. Serve only truth in the plate so that there is no clutter left.

2. Make them interesting- Boring stories are always left half read. You want audiences to share your brand’s story with their contacts. Do you really think dull write-ups will be read and shared? Infuse personality into your stories so that they are not only read but shared too. These are neither marketing materials nor sale pitches but if they work for you will it be minded?

3. Brand hero- There are no stories without characters. Strong characters are often referred to as heroes. Have you decided who will be your hero? There are some good examples of fictional mascots but you can make your audience the star of your story or you can narrate story from your employee’s perspective. Basic idea is to give human touch to your business.

4. Think beyond money- Does it sound too difficult for an entrepreneur? Point taken. Push the pause button and comprehend the need of writing a brand story. Its purpose is to attract, retain and bring together all your audiences. Don’t share your mission, vision etc. with the target audience but give them your brand statement. They are keen to understand the purpose of your business’s very existence.

5. Continuity and curiosity- Keep the audiences asking for more. What happens when you have heavy breakfast? You straightway refuse to take lunch. Don’t let this happen with your story. Present story in parts and you will see better customer engagement. Idea behind this is to provoke reader’s curiosity. Also, consider releasing teasers on different social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and more.

Your brand’s success a lot depends on how effective your branding marketing is. Hopefully, this post has motivated you enough to invest your time, creativity and resources for writing a compelling and notable story for your brand.
Very soon you will be thanking yourself for reaching closer to your audience that is inspired, loyal and committed to your brand.


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