5 reasons A Virtual Assistant Can Benefit Your Business

5 reasons A Virtual Assistant Can Benefit Your Business

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‘Shall I hire an additional help or not’, is something most small business owners consider. Irrespective of the fact one is planning to start out or looking to expand or becoming organized & efficient, delegating usual administrative tasks always remains a typical issue.

Though it is easy to know that help is needed but deciding how to get it is a bit daunting. Whether to go for in-house or hire a virtual assistant? Is a virtual assistant cost effective? These are some of the main concerns when taking the final call.

Today, a lot has changed from the age old patterns. The formal language that was supposed to be very different from personal conversations is not always appreciated now. In fact, the institution is focusing on impromptu human interaction with a touch of realism.

Take a look at the 5 vital reasons you must invest in hiring a virtual assistant.

1. Save Money

Time is valuable and every second counts. For instance, if you spend $100 an hour and invest your time looking after small tasks that are repetitive in nature, you are losing money.

Surprised? Well, you need to spend time on accomplishing important tasks that are important to take your business towards expansion. Going by the observations, the average salary of a personal assistant is close to $39K per year. However, you can hire a virtual assistant at only around $4 to $16K per year. Need not say, there’s a huge difference in the figures and you can make substantial savings by going for the latter option. Moreover, by offloading the time taking tasks to the virtual assistant, you can enjoy potential rise in productivity as well as sales along with considerable impact on profits & budget.

2. Save Time

Each day has limited working hours, which need to be spent upon doing productive tasks. Less productive work like following up mails and scheduling meetings, if delegated, help in saving approximately one-fifth of productive time per day. In other words, you save one full working day in a week.

Ain’t it beneficial to use that time connecting with more people and making more sales? Or you attend important meeting and conferences to take your company in the successive direction.

3. Less Hassle Than Hiring In-House

Quite often, there comes times when it is required to hire a professional to work in your office. However, if tasks like signing for the UPS delivery or changing the toner in the printer, hiring a virtual assistant is a good choice.

To find the right person, there goes a series of cycle to perform such as recruiting, hiring and training until the right professional is hired. Now, this eats up time and funds.

When you have a virtual assistant, there’s no need to worry about payroll costs or providing benefits. Also, there’s no involvement of having office space or equipment. Last but not the least, you get all the benefits of the needed help without going through hassles.

4. Use Virtual Assistant As Needed

Companies don’t have to be clingy and hang upon their customers through calls, emails and messages to sell their product. You must focus on manipulating the minds to create a need of your product which, in future, brings them to your product. When your audience shows more interest and want to know about it, it is certain that at the end you’ll close a deal. Let them ask queries through online, by phone or by mail. Your reply must be specific and addressed to the person.

Most of the small businesses don’t have too many tasks that keep full-time employee busy. Though more help is needed during the hectic phase of the year, little or no help is needed when the months are not that busy.

Here, it is important to understand there’s no point is paying someone a salary to work only for particular hours a week if they are needed for a limited duration. If you have a virtual assistant, you can utilize their time not only for couple of hours a week but for several hours per day. Apart from this, you can adjust the amount as per the changing needs of the business.

5. Increase Productivity and Avoid Burn Out

When running a small business, one has to deal with many responsibilities which at times makes them feel exhausted. If you realize accomplishing quite less at the end of the day, it shows your productivity is bogged down owing to too many small tasks.

By having someone who is able to do the small things, you can get time to focus on the big picture and save yourself from decision fatigue. This will make you more productive and less stressed.

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