6 Business Outsourcing Trends For 2017

6 Business Outsourcing Trends For 2017

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The ever-changing business world has a lot to offer in 2017. Newer techniques and fast-paced trends are being adapted and implemented every other day. The sudden shift of swing included work automation and cloud technology which will soon be seen prevailing in almost every organization. It has been found that outsourcing clients are more interested in vertical expertise from the suppliers. Vertical integration between applications, infrastructure and operations ensure alignment, efficiency and accountability among business strategies and enabling services.

Check out some of the powerful trends that will be seen catching up in this year.

1. Security of Data
Data security is undoubtedly one of the foremost things. With rapid changes and development in technology, there have been many cases of security breaches. This is something quite risky as valuables can easily fall into the wrong hands. To keep this risk possibility at bay, cyber security has come up with solutions like providing end-to-end security and buffing up encryption. As huge quantity of data is gathered and provided to major companies, things have become more intact in terms of encryption methods. Hence, tight security is definitely the priority and trend in 2017.

2. Robotic Process Automation
Day when RPA will become the popular and widely used automation process by every company is not far away. In Robotic Process Automation, software robotic functions are used to process and forward the task. Being repetitive in nature, these tasks are easy to perform by putting systematic algorithms in place. The important thing to understand here is that this trend creates the challenge of carefully dealing with the challenges involved in managing the contact point between manual and automated tasks.

3. In-depth and Better Integration
Major changes will be experienced in factors such as transparency and openness. Though implementing this is easy, its management is not. Businesses are going to be involved more than they used to earlier. Reason behind is analyzing and streamlining the work output for an efficient & productive workforce. This will benefit business as well as the client. Aim here is striving for improved communication and involvement in process which will further help in monitoring the process. As there remains in-depth knowledge about what’s going on offshore, this will better the relation between company and customer.

4. Approaching the Cloud
Introduction of cloud has made it easy to access data that is quite large in quantity. This is something that will create a noticeable impact much faster than expected. This trend is going to impact the market much faster than expected. Hence, moving data to the cloud is important and provides a path for service by operating as well as managing data in the most productive and efficient way. Doing so will help the outsourcing companies to come with innovative solutions and ideas that will help them in finding their own niche. This trend will create flow in the industry and bring effects in the services and outsourcing field.

5. Client Facing
With Donald Trump elected as the new President of US, outsourcing policies have taken a turn. He promised to return the outsourced jobs back to the United States. This will not only change the tides but also improve the relations between the client service teams and clients. As a result, a new sort of transparency and efficiency will come out. No doubt there will be an increase in the costs; automation will compensate it with the amazing savings. Moreover, relationships with clientele will grow better and bring level of trust that’s almost impossible to compete with.

6. Socially Responsible Outsourcing
Be it any industry, this trend is promising for them all. This is because it will help in gaining traction amongst the competitors. Owing to this, the business process delivery will streamline and under-privileged workers will be hosted and employed. Being a powerful model, it will create diversity in the industry and assist in realizing social responsibilities of business world.
These are 6 extremely fruitful trends that would be welcomed by the outsourcing industry this year. Focus on your core competencies and let the external party handle your other work by hiring the right and of course talented outsourcing company. Whatever type of industry you belong to, there are outsourcing solutions for all.

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