6 Outreach Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Business

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Outreach marketing refers to connecting with bloggers and people belonging to your own industry.The Purpose behind doing so is increasing exposure of the website and promoting the products & services. Powerful magazines, bloggers and brands amplify any and every type of content with a single tweet or mention on their website.

As far as SEO is concerned, outreach offers tremendous SEO benefits. Website’s position in search results improves like anything. Obtaining link from high-quality referral sites further helps to rank high.

The more links from relevant sites, the higher website will rank; the higher the website rank, the more growth in online presence. Take a look at the most functional tips for website promotion.


To approach useful people, finding them is the first step. For instance, if you own a small business and sell electronics or gadgets, you must look for sites and blogs that are interested in your products. Finding huge numbers of websites to contact isn’t easy, as you need to do intense research. Websites you aim to contact must relate to your business and create high-quality content.

Check out the wonderful techniques:

1: Google search

Though it seems obvious, it is probably the best way to find useful sites and blogs to contact. Simply enter the type of magazine or blog in the Google search box and click to get the results.

2: Related search

It aims at finding sites that pull the same type of visitors. This makes it easy to search sites that have similar content, topic and quality. Enter the site into the search box and you will get a search engine results page similar to sites like the one you found.

3: Advanced operators

There are many advanced operators that search Google for related sites. These searches let you identify sites with a certain search phrase in the text, URL, SEO title or as anchor text in the site. Few advanced operators to find more specific websites include:

allinurl: search phrase – URL contains the search term

allintext: search phrase – text on the page contains the search term

allintitle: search phrase – SEO title contains the search term

allinanchor: search phrase – an anchor text on the page contains the search term.


After figuring out the right targets, contacting them by email is the next job. Website owners and bloggers get hundreds of emails everyday. Obviously, you don’t want your email going in the trash bin. 3 factors that decide whether an email gets read are:

  • Length of message (75-175 words are ideal)
  • Length of subject (3- words long subject lines work best)
  • Whether or not questions are included(emails having 1-3 questions get highest response rate)

In the message, connection between the business and the target website has to be clear. It’s important to tell how your products/services are useful for the readers.  Definite connection improves the success rate. Make an offer that’s impossible to refuse. From a blog post to one of your products, it could be anything.

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Personalized emails carry 41% more click-through rates, which is why tailoring the message to the blogger who’s being approached is crucial. Checking out previous posts is a good way for effective research. ‘About’ section of a site is the best place to know personal or valuable information.

Here are general insights after collaborating within various international markets.

  • English speaking countries: Use friendly and casual tone. Address the recipient by their first name and use humble jokes in the email.
  • Germany: Use Frau and Herr and the person’s last name.
  • France: Begin with a formal approach and relax the tone after two or three emails. Move to the more professional and formal ‘Cher;’ however, couple it with the first name of the webmaster name, as it shows
  • Japan: Here, people are expected to reply immediately to any email received. If running out of time, write back to say you will be in touch in a while.
  • Spanish speaking countries: Using an informal tone and addressing by first names is fine. But the blogger community prefers being a bit more formal as compared to Latin American counterparts.


Follow-up emails are considered beneficial in outreach marketing. Yes, not every approach gets a response, sending a second or third email remains a good idea. Keep this up to three emails to every target site and wait for a week between each email. As bloggers receive a lot of emails, it’s quite possible that a first approach email is deleted, overlooked or accidentally marked as spam. Set a reminder to follow up each email.

Tip: With each new approach, change the subject line. This will make sure second and third emails don’t seem like part of the same thread. Also, it protects an email from being marked as spam consistently for two times.


Outreach marketing needs a huge quantity of data. Track websites you have reached out to, when you contacted them and what you have provided them. Though a regular Excel sheet is a good way, there are various tools to benefit from.


Online outreach allows you to communicate with real people belonging to your industry. Once you establish a real connection with someone, you create an evergreen positive impression of your business. This gives you opportunities to promote your products/services. For this reason, keep known blogger friends updated with your products/services and let them share with their readers. To invest in such relationships and notify your partners how much they mean to you, there are many ways.

Take a look at few examples:

  • Send an email newsletter to bloggers and update them about latest news and products after every few
  • Send any of your products for free.
  • Send a coupon for a service.
  • Send out a letter during the holiday season and attach a personalized message to your partners around the web. This is undeniably a good way to let them know how much thankful you are for the relationship!

With this, it’s a wrap. Follow these tips and promote your website in the best ways.

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