6 Strong Reasons To Head Towards India For Your Outsourcing Needs

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Business giants such as IBM, Vodafone, and Telstra outsource their back-office services to India. Many other big names of corporate world choose India to outsource customer service. With vast benefits provided by outsourcing, every business, small or big needs to see tremendous potential in India.This post will enlighten readers about the major advantages of preferring India over other outsourcing locations.Significance of outsourcing is understood by businesses worldwide for past few decades. Considering the cut-throat competition, one has to gain competitive edge for surviving and thriving. In recent years, popularity of India for lowering costs and optimizing returns has increased. Data given below tells you the complete story of India’s position in the landscape of outsourcing.

• As per suggestion of Hexagon Consulting, India’s outsourcing business stands strong at approximately $US118 billion.
• Bangalore ranks number 1 in the Tholons 2016 Top 100 outsourcing destinations, clearly establishing the dominance of India in the sector. Other Indian cities like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi have not only qualified to the list, but they too are amongst the top 10 destinations.

These statistics make the dominance of India crystal clear over outsourcing industry.

Factors That Make India Number 1 Outsourcing Destination

Outsourcing is not a new term for Indians. For last couple of decades, companies from Europe, America and UK have been approaching different outsourcing services. Of late, India has emerged as a superpower in the outsourcing field. India caters to most of the outsourcing requirements like a pro. What makes India stand out of its Asian and Non-Asian counterparts is discussed below:

1. Robust Assistance By Skilled Professionals:

India’s young population is equally skilled and willing to give their services to foreign businesses. When educated people who can improve productivity are at one’s disposal, why they would not count on India?
Indian workforce is educated and enjoys good command over English. Cultural barriers appear to be diminishing with proficiency of Indian professionals.

2. Cheap Rates And Flexible Pricing:

Outsourcing services for every domain are proffered at very competitive rates in India. Indian labor, owing to huge numbers of young and educated people available, is comparatively cheaper. Cutting down on cost drastically with deployment of Indian outsourcing services is no longer a dream.
A business would be spared from paying high salaries to its employees as it can outsource the services to India at amazingly flexible pricing. Rise in competition amongst outsourcing services in India, helps businesses to grab deals at really affordable prices.

3. Better Chances Of Concentrating On Core Competencies:

Small and large businesses from every corner of this world opt for India to focus on core activities of their business. For perpetual growth and expansion of their business, they delegate the lesser important tasks to qualified people and focus on the core business activities. People can be hired for not only customer support but research, design and development from as versatile outsourcing destination as India.

4. Business Friendly Outsourcing Policies Of India

With 65% of total population of India under age group of 35, one can make estimate of the stupendous potential in store for your business. Government of India has formulated easy policies for encouraging more foreign income. India’s outsourcing policies are favorable for overseas businesses.
Indian market’s environment is considered to be conducive because of the flexible policies.

5. Have Advanced Infrastructure & Latest Technology At Bay

India is much ahead of its competition, when it comes to infrastructure and technology intervention. It is obvious that a business can defeat its rivals when it has Indian outsourcing services by its side. It is due to the fact that a continuous emphasis on training of workforce is laid upon by the Indian agencies.
With indigenous employees, Indian agencies blend the deployment of latest technologies and infrastructure so well that they always come out with flying colors.

6. Even Beginners Can Earn Huge Profits

Startup businesses and those who have not made it big yet can also give the much needed push to their companies. By associating with Indian outsourcing companies they facilitate low costs, skilled force, latest technology and round the clock support for their business.
Despite of the difference in the time zone, India is the preferred outsourcing partner of tons of businesses. Above listed reasons and many more contribute to India’s fast growth as an outsourcing destination.

Steps You Should Take For Getting It Started

Once you make up your mind for outsourcing your business needs to India, you should seriously consider undertaking following steps:
• Evaluate your need of outsourcing.
• Scrutinize the eligibility of different Indian vendors.
• Assign them a simple project, this will help determining how worth it is to collaborate with them.
• Strategize how will you handle your remote team in India and discuss expectations you have from them.
Voila! You are ready to get started.

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