7 Marketing Ideas To Curate This Black Friday & Cyber Monday

7 Marketing Ideas To Curate This Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are round the corner and if you are running an online business, it’s time to plan some marketing ideas. As it’s the time when customers are at their best to hunt for the needed products/services; systematic approach and wise planning can boost your sales greatly.

So, how to attract the traffic towards your business? How to give a tough fight to your competitors? HOW? HOW? HOW?? Quite a serious thing to ponder upon!

How about giving a look at our powerful list that is complied with 7 terrific marketing ideas? Each of these ideas will assist you in curating successful promotion and grab customers’ attention this Black Friday. Excited? Great! Let’s jump on to these wonderful strategies and generate revenue.

1.  Send an Email Marketing Blast  

Plaxonic email marketimg

Begin the game by shooting emails to your past and potential shoppers. Enter the battle ground when customers are busy figuring out what to do. Don’t forget that email marketing never disappoints and expands not only sales but customer base as well.

Researches show that more than 25% of sales taking place during this season, originate from email marketing. You will be surprised to know that this tactic helped an online retailer with approximately 330% increase in capital per email sent.

How to Make this Work?  

  • Catchy subject line: Subject line of email is undeniably the vital component towards success because it is the first thing audience read. To catch reader’s attention, make sure not to go wrong with the subject line.
  • Correct timing: Always schedule the mails as per the time zones or peak of email users.
  • Save the date: Have a personalized “Add this event to your calendar” section that links to your website to ensure customers don’t miss out your Black Friday promotions.

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2.  Let the Year-Long Landing Page Benefit

Landing page optimization

As per a report, more than 60% shoppers search online for the purchase one week before Thanksgiving. Making a new landing page annually so as to increase Black Friday sales makes the SEO start on a clean state. In other words, your possibility of appearing on top of the search results decreases.

How to Make this Work?

 Landing page should look great on every device: Everyone these days has a smartphone or tablet. Hence, make sure not to frustrate the shoppers with slow loading time or device compatibility glitches.

  • Keep a sign-up function: To keep user’s interest alive, adding a section where valuable buyer has the option to subscribe for updates is necessary.
  • Make it evergreen: Yes, your page must have an evergreen content which means users are able to find your Black Friday page to be relevant throughout the year.

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3.  Use Social Media Channels

Social media optimization

Planning the social media marketing is exciting and challenging. People say number of things in a millisecond and expect you to act instantly. Therefore, to boost sales, social media posts must vary before, during and after Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

How to Make this Work?  

  • Post at the best time: Yes, always schedule the post when the social media users are active online.
  • Answer each comment: Netizens are impatient like anything; hence, make sure to address their queries and concerns quickly.
  • A call-to-action button: Put an instruction on what next the customers can do. Some examples are, visit our site, find out more, etc.

4.  Initiate a Referral Program

Plaxonic referral program

 The most trusted form of advertising are recommendations or referrals. This means that most of the people trust someone else’s opinions more when it comes to deciding what to buy. Also, it has been found that referred customers act as great driver towards brand loyalty and profitability as compared to other clients.

How to Make this Work?  

  • Make it irresistible: There are many ways to create an attractive reward system along with maintaining the profitability. What you can do is research the triggers that excite your audience.
  • Indicate the reward’s expiration: Sense of urgency is quite important here. If making a call to action is taking too long, you are losing out many opportunities to make a sale.
  • Make it viral: Social media provides a good platform for referral leads; hence, let your audience talk about your brand. Social networks sharing will let more & more people to know about your brand, which will pull them towards the website.

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5. Add a Countdown Timer

Customers are indecisive and compare your products from other brands before making the purchase. It has been concluded that about 94% online shoppers take quality time to find the cheapest product. Out of these shoppers, more than 36% people spend additional time on comparing before buying the product/service. By including a countdown timer to your promotions, you help your customers decide immediately; thus, closing that sale there and then.

How to Make this Work?  

 The countdown timer should appear on:

  • Every product: Put the date and time mentioning when the sale of a particular product will expire.
  • Landing page: A website banner timer that reveals when the sale will commence to allow people plan ahead.
  • Promotional emails: This will help to create anticipation days or weeks before the sales.
  • Social media posts: Add countdown timer section on the social media page to highlight the event and ensure customers know when they need to save the date.

6 . Upsell and Cross-sell with Discounts

Up sell and resell

Both upselling as well as cross-selling are best ways to take advantage of selling more to a particular customer who is there on the site. To do this, you can create combos of 3-4 complementary products that gel well together. Offer this package at a discount on the total. This strategy is very promising as people actively look for package deal for better price during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How to Make this Work?  

Write copy message to deliver true value: Message you give in your offer is the stepping stone towards convinced customers or consumers .Make sure to polish the copy to embody true values to customers.

  • Create a sense of urgency: Mention in your offers that only few items are left in the stock or the offer will expire soon. Believe it or not, customers are more spontaneous in purchasing items when pressed for time or scarcity.

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7.  Build Excitement Through Flash Sale

Black friday Flash sale

Flash sale is an interesting way to create hype and boost sale before the main day. You can schedule it few hours before the expected event. A day or two is also a good idea.

Flash sale grows traffic, rise the conversion rate and increase the revenue; however, you need to be careful in your approach.

How To Make This Work?  

  • Limit is the key: You must margin a huge number of products. Your top priority needs to be limited availability when considering this sale. Here, time is also an important factor; hence, be careful on that part as well.
  • Advertise unobtainable products: Promote unavailable products during flash sale. Remind customers that these products are all set to be offered on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and they need to be a bit patient until that.

Every online marketer wishes to enjoy the boost on Black Friday & Cyber Monday; however, inflow of heavy advertising during the holiday season makes thing difficult. Hence, make sure to apply the above tactics in order to intensify the marketing campaigns for that expected difference and let us know if it worked.

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