Always Short On Time? Gulp These 6 Time Management Techniques

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Admit it! Not all of us are lucky to manage our time wisely. Also, admit that we are always blabbering about not having enough time to let things happen the way we want. As far as business owners are concerned, they always lack time to focus on their company, expand it, put up relevant content, track their marketing strategies and more.

Believe it! We all have time more than we realize. 24 hours a day is the fixed time frame for one who is successful and also for the one who is struggling or making excuses.

8 hours of job, 2 hours of travel, 2 hours of quality time with family and 7 hours of sleep. Counting them all still leaves one with 5 hours left. Thought this way ever?

These 5 hours are usually spent in – watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, relaxing more than needed, cursing destiny and if there’s still some time left – building castles in the air.

What To Do Instead

This exclusive post has been created to help everyone value their time and make the best out of it. Whatever hours of the day are left free; they can be used to make life meaningful and turn the dreams into beautiful reality.

  1. Stay Active to Avoid Delays

No matter how heavy the account balance is, being a procrastinator is important. One has to remain in audit mode and keep an eye on what’s important and needs to be done on priority base. However, this should be done with the thought – “take things as they come.”

If a task was necessary a day before, it may look less important today owing to the number of tasks that are on the list now. Yes, priorities do get pushed at times but you get the right to judge things yourself and prioritize them as per your wish.When you are engaged in doing something every day, you are surely not wasting time. Also, there is no pressure about the number of things to accomplish.

  1. Don’t Let Unknown Troubles Bother You

One rule to stay contented in business is – “not worrying about things you don’t know about.”

Our world is full of people who constantly worry about lacking the knowledge on things that surround them. According to these over-thinkers, having a perfect plan is crucial to address each and every thing.

Look at the bright side now. If you are addressing something but come across something that’s even important, jump towards attending it. To commit things for long term, you have to be consistent. Without over-thinking about making the perfect moves, ensure adjusting constantly.

  1. Love What You Do

Believe it or not but to keep the motivation alive without losing energy, you must love what you do. If possible, try loving failures and rejections too.

When you love the process, nothing could keep you away from being the happiest person. If you are busy in accumulating wealth, love it; if you work 9 to 5, love it as well. Even if there’s something that doesn’t add any value to your job or business, feel free to do it if you love it.

  1. Examine Everything You Do in Your Precious 18 Hours

There’s no one who made it big without actually doing it. Yes, you may know someone who has money flowing from the ancestral fortune but you don’t know the person behind all the wealth and luxuries.

Also, there are people who win a lottery or turn from rags to riches or get famous with one song that becomes the anthem of the world. Despite being true, such incidences are rare. It’s good to know that people you see on social platforms with millions in their bank account within a limited span of time are the ones who are focused on their dreams or their expertise since years. However, these people don’t believe in showing off and they become a big name only after fighting with the struggles.

Piece of advice here is – loving whatever you do.

  1. Work Faster in the Working Hours

If you work for 18 hours, work as fast as you can. Try accomplishing as many tasks as you can during these peak hours. Throughout these hours, refrain from messing around or wasting time here & there.

About 95% to 98% people don’t make the best of every minute they spend in a day. These people take lunch break for an hour or more and check their social media handles every now & them. Lastly, there are individuals who waste their days while worrying about their years.

  1. Don’t Judge Yourself

Entrepreneurs think that everything that happens is their fault. If things go wrong, it is because of them. They come across multiple issues almost every day and have no one else to put the fault on.

When employees don’t work as expected, these business owners take the blame on themselves, thinking it is them who hired the people.

One thing not to do here is – “being judgmental.” They are doing their best; hence, judging things shouldn’t enter the picture. Why? Because everyone else does that out of habit.

Got no time? Read these suggestions once again and execute them in your life.

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