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Artificial Intelligence: 9 Trends That Can Sweep Off Your Businesses In 2018


Artificial Intelligence trends

The line above almost gave you an attack? Did it? Sadly, this prediction can come true if you stick to the same old routine. Business trends accelerate as fast as a bullet and technology advances at a rate you can’t expect.

Does this mean you are almost on the line of extinction? NO, YOU ARE NOT! Below given list of Artificial Intelligence trends for 2018 can keep you strong in the business world if you pay some SERIOUS ATTENTION. Can’t wait to start? Here you go…

1.  Artificial Neural Networks

Neural Networks

2018 will see researchers being careful with natural language and neural networks. DNS or Deep Neural Networks will make way beyond the framework of usual computing and create systems to explore the world, independently.

Automating tasks and fixing problems related to ‘information about everything’ will be done by the DNS.

The future also foresees advanced algorithms making ‘smart’ machines even smarter. Be it the unmanned vehicles or virtual assistants, everything will be bestowed with more ‘BRAINS.’

2.  Intelligent Applications

Intelligent Applications

A number of applications have simplified our lives in the best way they can. However, some more applications are on their way to come and help us in everyday life.

Next comes the virtual assistants, including business ones. The coming year will have reputed companies depending on smart apps to improve their customer service level.

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3.  Smart Things

 Smart Things

This is all about devices that we are all familiar with, such as unmanned vehicles, drones and 3D printers. Talking about the future gadgets, they will communicate with humans. ‘Internet of things’ will be seen everywhere.

4.  Virtual And Augmented Reality

Virtual And Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality have successfully made their place almost everywhere. While VR supports in transferring the improved experience of people and in distance learning; AR will assist companies to force graphics on objects in real time. As expected, this will lead to an improved process of production and ease business expansion.

5.  Digital ‘Doubles’

Digital doubles

Based on sensors, digital doubles is also known as the dynamic model of physical things or an environment. 2018 will employ this technology in several fields for modeling, analyzing and control.

6.  Blockchain


Existing in the form of a database, blockchain keeps details about all transactions done by the participants of the system. The details are kept as ‘chain of blocks’ with each chain containing a specific number of transactions.

Technology will optimize registries, compose ample data and maintain transparency of every action. Other things it will help with include increasing productivity, decreasing staff and paperwork of businesses.

7.  Dialog Systems


Dynamic network needs to be created between people, services, processes and things. It is involved with supporting intelligent digital ecosystems. Search engines, online services and various programs will soon start receiving and processing voice commands.

8.  Digital Technological Platforms


Coming time will provoke companies to work with a combination of 5 digital technology platforms:

  • Customer experience
  • Analytics & forecasting
  • Business ecosystems
  • Information systems
  • IoT

Hence, companies have to decide ways to develop platforms to solve digital business issues.

9.  Adaptive Security Architecture


Increased hacking incidents show how important digital security has become. The era when providing multi-level security will be a prerequisite is not far away.

Blockchain technology looks promising here, thanks to its accuracy ability. Be it human identification or control and validation of the data, it all takes quite less time.

Overall, 2018 seems to be an interesting year. The rise of analytical systems and birth of new opportunities in data processing and analysis have so much to offer.

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