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Manjul Mishra is a Content Developer at Plaxonic Technologies. Born with affection towards reading and writing, she began her career 5 years back. Manjul is involved in writing, reviewing and editing content for websites of every niche and type. She also writes for popular mediums like HARO, guest postings and social media. In her free time, she likes writing her own thoughts, researching new tactics to implement in her work and listening music.


  • 3 Business Tasks Successful Entrepreneurs Always Outsource To Professional Virtual Assistants
    If you are always confused about tasks that are meant to be delegated to a virtual personal assistant, give this post a wise read. Stuck with laborious work that could be done by just anyone? Meeting projects deadlines is a struggle just because you have too many tasks in the pipeline? Do you think there’s no one
    Published on:11 Dec 2018
  • Influence Of Outsourcing On Customer Service Experience
    Did you know US-based companies invest $3000+ billion each year on contact center outsourcing companies? During the past few years, contact center outsourcing industry has evolved with tremendous growth. Nowadays, customers expect a lot more than the usual customer support service. They hope support through social med
    Published on:27 Nov 2018
  • Always Short On Time? Gulp These 6 Time Management Techniques
    Admit it! Not all of us are lucky to manage our time wisely. Also, admit that we are always blabbering about not having enough time to let things happen the way we want. As far as business owners are concerned, they always lack time to focus on their company, expand it, put up relevant content, track their marketing st
    Published on:16 Nov 2018
  • ALERT: These 10 Body Language Blunders Kill Your Job Interview
    Folded hands, shaking legs, murmuring lips, looking here & there and so much more. These gestures committed at your end turn things against you during the most precious moments of your life. Body language and voice tone – do you have any idea that anything you say is determined through them? According to Profe
    Published on:09 Oct 2018
  • Customer Service Outsourcing Has Changed Drastically
    OUTSOURCING, what does the term mean? A giant building in a foreign land with executives who are adorned with headphones to work for probably 11 or 12 hours! This huge building is fondly referred to as, CALL CENTER. Businesses tie up with these centers to provide their customer the boon of friendly and affordable cus
    Published on:27 Sep 2018
  • Focusing On Negative Users Feedback? Nah, It Won’t Yield Any Good
    Addressing every tiny piece of negative feedback, taking it to heart, feeling sorry and blah blah blah – a temptation, entrepreneurs are born with. Seeing the audience loving the products, services, tools, and application, is a dream. After all, impressing people is an inclination humans have within them. Not being
    Published on:20 Sep 2018
  • Internet’s Misinformation Issue: Who Will Fix It, Facebook Or Anyone Else?
    Facebook’s announcement regarding discovering and shutting down massive Iranian misinformation was something to feel delighted for. Despite being a sensation in the social network world, the channel was quite slow in identifying such campaigns prior to a presidential election conducted in 2016. However, after saying
    Published on:10 Sep 2018
  • SWOT: How To Frame The Right Strategy (PS: Your Business Needs It)
    SWOT – A four letter word with an impact that’s robust and unconquerable; a four letter word containing the most voluminous terms a dictionary has. S shouts for Strengths W roars for Weaknesses O calls for Opportunities T yells for Threats Making all the noise in the corporate world, SWOT analysis
    Published on:17 Aug 2018
  • Customer Care Service: The Criteria To Hire The Best Call Center Company
    With customers looking for timely assistance and uttermost satisfaction, responsive communications have become undeniably important for businesses, especially in today’s digital world.    Lacking an in-house customer service team can cause major setbacks because manning the phones and carrying out day-to-day bus
    Published on:11 Jun 2018
  • Exclusive: 3 Evergreen Paid Search Strategies For Businesses
    Paid Search Campaign Management Software tools that promise big but only disappoint. Despite their claim to bestow spectacular features, all they deliver is a performance that’s unsatisfying. All that word of mouth promotion about replacing the analyst by deploying algorithms and optimizing campaigns kill the fun of
    Published on:23 May 2018
  • Impress Your Clients With These 10 Killer Customer Service Skills
    Exceptional customer service is the result of dedicated people with undying spirit and a passion to serve the customers. Training, dedication, efforts, time and practice are the elements that when clubed together, lead to customer care service that’s eminent and genuine. You may be thinking, achieving such a lev
    Published on:10 May 2018
  • Finding Out What’s All This Buzz About The Internet Of Things
    The Internet of Things, nicknamed as IoT, has made its space in everyone’s life , be it someone who uses a Smartphone or wears a Fitbit band to track their everyday activities. While going through the daily life, it makes sense to ponder upon all the times one uses devices connected to the Internet. Also, they mus
    Published on:25 Apr 2018
  • 6 Outreach Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Business
    Outreach marketing refers to connecting with bloggers and people belonging to your own industry.The Purpose behind doing so is increasing exposure of the website and promoting the products & services. Powerful magazines, bloggers and brands amplify any and every type of content with a single tweet or mention on the
    Published on:15 Feb 2018
  • Your Legal License To Steal Marketing Ideas Of Rivals
    Curiosity to know how the established content marketing companies come with unmatched ideas and promote their content can turn you crazy at times. But what will make you even crazy is the reality. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? You will be surprised to know that all these popular businesses have no ideas of their own. The onl
    Published on:05 Feb 2018
  • Not Enough Capital For Your Startup? Here Are 4 Affordable Marketing Strategies
    A wonderful product loaded with exciting features won’t make your startup successful. HOW’S THAT POSSIBLE? It is very much possible because another thing you need to grow & expand your startup is a stellar marketing strategy. However, not every business owner can afford spending a huge sum to get started with a
    Published on:23 Jan 2018
  • Earn Extraordinary Success With Uncommon Advises From These 10 Influential Entrepreneurs
    img{float:left; margin:0px 10px 10px 0px;} We all have 365 days and 12 months every year. Also, we have the same 24 hours per day. True that, why mention? That’s because not each of us uses these days, months and hours the same way. While some of us waste all the time planning things or enjoying life, others foc
    Published on:10 Jan 2018
  • Artificial Intelligence: 9 Trends That Can Sweep Off Your Businesses In 2018
    YOUR BUSINESS IS IN DANGER! YOU WILL SOON BE LEFT BEHIND!  The line above almost gave you an attack? Did it? Sadly, this prediction can come true if you stick to the same old routine. Business trends accelerate as fast as a bullet and technology advances at a rate you can’t expect. Does this mean you are almost
    Published on:29 Dec 2017
  • 11 Spectacular Digital Marketing Trends For 2018
    It’s December, everyone is talking about bidding farewell to 2017 and welcoming 2018 with a bash. So, what is your goal for the coming year? Buying that dream car? A new home? Taking your beloved to an expensive vacation? All these plans sound great. However, you can ponder upon our suggestion too - getting your m
    Published on:19 Dec 2017
  • Website Development Outsourcing: Your Guide To Unveil The Ins & Outs
     Your website is the mirror that reflects your business outlook; it’s that advertisement banner which holds everything you’ve got. When it comes to creating something, the powerful skill set includes creativity, knowledge, experience and dedication to reach perfection. Every business needs a website in today’
    Published on:01 Dec 2017
  • 7 Marketing Ideas To Curate This Black Friday & Cyber Monday
    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are round the corner and if you are running an online business, it’s time to plan some marketing ideas. As it’s the time when customers are at their best to hunt for the needed products/services; systematic approach and wise planning can boost your sales greatly. So, how to attract
    Published on:14 Nov 2017
  • Be A Better Entrepreneur : 5 Phenomenal Tips To Enhance Your Leadership Skills
     “I’m responsible for my employees. I’m not making progress. My company is a failure. I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life. Will I be able to make through the competition? What can I do to make it outshine?”  Every doubt and every question is based on one person - You! Nobody is going to cover your h
    Published on:03 Nov 2017
  • Want to Uplift Your Business ? Consider Outsourcing Customer Services
    "Although your customers won't love you if you give bad service, your competitors will. " - Kate Zabriskie If you are an entrepreneur with an aim to make it big in the the corporate world, this quote is something you can’t turn a deaf ear to. After all, who wants to lose their valuable customers to their competit
    Published on:11 Oct 2017
  • 5 Common Outsourcing Questions ANSWERED
    Are you an online entrepreneur looking for more growth and productivity from these past few months? If that’s the case, you are on your way to welcome more success, sales and revenue to your business. You must be knowing, there are so many tasks you can tackle on your own. Once you reach this point in your busines
    Published on:29 Sep 2017
  • Watch Out: 5 Tasks You Must Outsource To Keep Your Business Going
    Entrepreneurs are always jam-packed with more to do; however, they don’t get enough time. Understanding the importance of accomplishing important tasks on time, successful business people delegate specific tasks to freelance contractors who have expertise in providing valuable services within the given time frame.
    Published on:22 Sep 2017
  • 5 Reasons Outsourcing Live Chat Operators Can Benefit Your Business
    Do you own an online business? Do you depend on live chat to communicate with your customers? If answer to both these questions is YES, you must know that simple mistakes done in live chat experience can make everything disaster and not an opportunity. Wondering what to do? Well, outsourcing could be the best soluti
    Published on:08 Sep 2017
  • Fostering Transparency and Connections Through Workplace
    Being a 24/7 running company, Plaxonic has employees from night and day shifts. Catching up with all the updates from both shifts was getting troublesome and we were looking for a platform that can bridge this gap and connect people together. It was during this time, we came across this amazing digital platform, Workpl
    Published on:25 Jul 2017
  • Virtual Assistant: The Modified Fragment Of Technology
    It is 2017 in real-time but we are already decades ahead in technology. The biggest chunk of appreciation goes to the brilliant minds working towards developing the future close to next century ahead of time. If growth is in question then businessmen would raise their heads in unison to thank internet for providing unb
    Published on:17 Jul 2017
  • 3 Marketing Tricks To Make It Big In Sales World
    When marketing and advertising a small business, the focus needs to be on multiple areas rather than just thinking about attracting new customers. It might surprise you but this is the most difficult and expensive way to grow a business. Most of the small business entrepreneurs build their marketing and advertising
    Published on:10 Jul 2017
  • 10 Psychological Traits Every Successful Salesperson Has To Have
    Though it is rarely spoken but similarity in traits between psychologists and sales professionals are significant.Talking about psychologists, their job is helping people selflessly. On the other hand, goal of a sales person is closing the deals. Be it any company, its revenue and growth depends on the ability of it
    Published on:08 Jul 2017
  • 5 Quick Techniques To Boost Your Sales Productivity
    Every business owner is looking for the right way to increase sales-dramatically. No matter how bad you try, without the right strategy, it is difficult to attain success. In the blink of an eye, new competitors emerge, and products and services similar to your business are released even before you know it. You ca
    Published on:28 Jun 2017