Business Selling Strategies 101: In The Game Called Marketing

Business Selling Strategies 101: In The Game Called Marketing

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“Business is yours, product is yours but do you own your customers too?”

The baffling scenario in world market is about selling your products and services. Entrepreneurs are focusing on their auxiliary processes like marketing and sales team more than their core processes because they understand the profit they could make from these two processes.

The bubble around Marketing…

The fresh university passouts with fancy marketing and business degrees in their hands dream to excel in their field as if Albert Einstein made it in a day to Nobel Laureates. The bubble needs to pop. The dynamic nature of market and customer behavior changes even before the college marketing books come out from the prints.

Knowledge is important but you need to experience and taste the failure of strategies once you work on different customers and their backgrounds. Imagine, if McDonald’s globalizes its menu for its customer all over the world. Do you think, what sells in Canada will sell in Mexico, India or Japan? Never. Selling your product to your consumer deals with specializing your services and making it specific to the group of customers you are dealing with.

How could you make it big and fast as a salesperson?

Derek Thompson wrote in his book, Hit Makers: How Things Become Popular, “To sell something familiar, make it surprising. To sell something surprising, make it familiar.”

If you are struggling with a stagnant or a dripping point in your selling progress chart then you know something is wrong for sure. What? Your Methods! Do you think, you can work around an idea for whole life and make profit without exhausting the market? That’s a reverie.

Look for life saving advises below to fix your drowning ship before it’s too late:

1. Do you know your customers well?

When businesses are running online, it is far beyond easy to analyze, estimate and test your services on varied conditions of market without even losing out much of dollars. Ask your customers what they need. You can only flourish as a businessman if you recognize the ‘missing factor’ from lives of customers. Add extensive surveys on social media, online polls and generate customer review pages to get personalized and first hand comments on your products.

2. Always try to learn, improvise and change your style

The path to success is not made of an escalator. You’ve to jump, dodge and walk on stones and thorns to still go ahead. Yes. Take the reviews from consumers to your head not heart. Salesperson has to go through a tough phase as they deal with customers on daily basis which turns out to be frustrating and disappointing too. What to do? Improve on every next call. Learn new techniques or languages to articulate your thought expressively.

3. Talk not shout on your customers’ ears

Salespersons have to remember that they are dealing with the tough form of individuals. They are highly qualified, tech-savvy and informed. There is no point of bragging about your products when they can already find the information on the internet. What needs to be done? Take your time to build a relationship with them while discussing about the service. Ask for their opinions. Throw some light upon your product that is new and interesting. Stick with a mellow advertising attitude while convincing them to try out your product once.

If you could translate yourself to your customer in a way that they feel you are genuine and logical in your approach then you could cash upon the opportunity. To do so, salesperson shouldn’t miss out the importance of emotional connection. As concluding advise -Foster human interaction rather than computer generated script while selling to your customers.

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