Earn Extraordinary Success With Uncommon Advises From These 10 Influential Entrepreneurs

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We all have 365 days and 12 months every year. Also, we have the same 24 hours per day. True that, why mention? That’s because not each of us uses these days, months and hours the same way. While some of us waste all the time planning things or enjoying life, others focus on their goals.

Here we are with 11 entrepreneurs who have achieved tremendous success with their unusual beliefs. Read out their best life hacks that are motivating enough to let you see your goals like never before and reach them faster & better.

Gary Vaynerchuk, founder and CEO of VaynerMedia and the NYT bestselling author of #AskGaryVee

His life hack: Hack people

Almost everyone thinks that scale is technology; however, it also comes in people. We are all busy in underestimating the effect of others on what they are trying to accomplish and what we can do for them. We look upon for the data, tech, algorithm and apps that will scale it. However, doing things yourself means you are dead. Instead, a lot more is possible when others do it.


Tai LopezTai Lopez, investor and partner/advisor to many multimillion-dollar businesses

His life hack: Take business meditation road trips

Travelling some miles away from home at least once a month leads to incredible creativity. You can rotate the location, book a cheap hotel and take along some books and a notepad. Read the books and plan life. No matter the break is as short as two or three days, it will bring noticeable impact in taking you towards the right direction in life.



kom-mirzaCom Mirza, CEO of Fitness Expo Dubai and “The $500 Million Man”and runs a nine-figure empire with more than 600 employees

His life hack: Post reminders everywhere

Make the best of sticky notes to remind yourself of things you are meant to do, says Mirza. Managing a number of tasks makes one forget the simple things. He suggests giving a try to pasting sticky notes everywhere for a week with tasks written on them. Doing so will definitely boost productivity and yield impressive results.


chris ploughChris Plough, entrepreneur advisor and serial entrepreneur

His life hack: Always ask for exactly what you want

Chris believes in asking for what he wants and suggests everyone to ask what they want. Almost every individual escapes from asking things they want and ask for things they think is possible. They ask things they feel they deserve and are concerned about things the market will accept. All this happens out of their fear that if they ask something and don’t get it, means they aren’t enough. What they forget is that instead of compromising with just anything, it is good to connect with people who genuinely want to help them.


James SwanwickJames Swanwick, CEO of Swanwick Sleep and the 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge

His life hack: Wear blue-light-blocking glasses

Poor sleep invites poor health and obesity. Headaches, blurred vision, fatigue, sore eyes and insomnia are some of the possible problems. To keep all these hurdles away. James wears Swannies blue-light-blocking glasses, which aim at filtering out the harmful artificial light emitted by digital devices. He wears them an hour before the bed in order to use his tablet, phone and computer without allowing them to disturb his sleep.


Kong PhamKong Pham, founder and CEO of Jumpcut Studios

His life hack: Block out time to work on a single task

As much important as it is to meet the responsibilities, taking out time for things one wishes to do is also important. Kong suggests people fixing two to four hours each day to work on their most crucial things. In his own life, these are the hours when his phone is off, email is closed and nothing distracts him from finishing his tasks. This routine results in quality work along with better quantity in less time.


Scott OldfordScott Oldford, founder of INFINITUS

His life hack: Schedule every item on your day as a calendar event

Taking out five minutes before sleeping and planning the tasks for next day is Scott’s life hack. After listing everything, he suggests opening the calendar and creating particular calendar events for those tasks. How does it work? Well, you get to determine whether you are taking so much and if you have to assign it to someone else, how long they will take. Undoubtedly, a good way to complete the daily to-do list.


Katrina Palandri

Katrina Palandri, co-founder and CFO of AEG Investments

Her life hack: Hire a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are a pro at handling a number of tasks, both professionally and personally. Finding a reliable VA may take time but isn’t anything impossible. Once you have found your virtual assistant, train them by being very detailed about things you want them to tackle.



Roy McDonaldRoy McDonald, founder and CEO of OneLife

His life hack: Get others to do what you’re bad at

Compelling people to do tasks you are not good at is what this successful man believes in. According to him, taking a back seat from things one is not used to, helps generate more revenue in less time. In short, focus on tasks and goals you are interested in and assign the rest to others.


Kevin YamazakiKevin Yamazaki, founder and CEO of Sidebench

His life hack: Hack your sleep

Kevin believes in following ‘biphasic siesta’ sleep schedule, consists of four to six months period that’s all about sleeping five hours at night and a 25-minute nap in the early afternoon. This helps to get few more hours in the day, increased alertness and productivity.



Impressed by these amazing people and their ‘out of the box’ thinking? You can also join them by coming up with your life hack that will let you taste success and cherish it forever.

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