Fostering Transparency and Connections Through Workplace

Fostering Transparency and Connections Through Workplace

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Being a 24/7 running company, Plaxonic has employees from night and day shifts. Catching up with all the updates from both shifts was getting troublesome and we were looking for a platform that can bridge this gap and connect people together. It was during this time, we came across this amazing digital platform, Workplace by Facebook. Earlier, we were using Skype but never got to see such employee engagement as we saw with Workplace. Must say, when it comes to giving your employees the power to share ideas, exchange thoughts and make the professional environment open, friendly and connected, Workplace nails it.

This product features all the basics from Facebook such as group chat, direct messaging, reactions, news feed and live video streaming. We started with it in October 2016 and it was welcomed with fervor and gusto by everyone.

How Workplace Has Jazzed Up Our Work Culture

1. Improved Communication With ‘Groups’

Workplace allows us to bind team members into a single thread through groups where they can chat with one another, search for old threads and attach large files that can be accessed by the added people. Discussing strategies, brainstorming industry trends and growth initiatives has got easier this way. This has been very helpful in replacing emails which were quite annoying and irrelevant at times.

2. Skipping Emails Don’t Trouble Anymore With ‘News Feed’

Updating employees about every single company news through emails was a bit difficult. With Workplace, this issue is chopped off completely now as employees are instantly presented with news feeds regarding the important posts of the day. Whether there’s an announcement from the CEO, changes in HR policy or some post by a co-worker, notification is sent to everyone.

3. We Keep Things Lively With ‘Live Videos’

We enjoy broadcasting live videos featuring birthdays, work anniversaries, new employees on-board, festivals celebrations, excursion activities and more. Nothing could be better than this to give everyone the dose of excitement visually even when people are away from office.

4. ‘Polls’ Are The New Way To Enjoy Retreat Trips

Every time we hit our quarterly target, it’s a call for retreat, fun and relaxation at some destination out of the town. To choose the place, we organize polls where employees can select the location they are interested in from a given set of options. Also, they can add their personal choices. Getting to know which place is leading with maximum votes and those guesses about the final destination keeps everyone excited and pumped up.

5. Welcoming New Products Together

Ideas and innovations keep floating in Plaxonic 24/7, which often lead to invention of new products. To keep everyone notified about them and take their feedbacks and suggestions, Workplace has been the best tool.

6. Admiring Hardwork & Efforts Through ‘Hall Of Fame’

We absolutely love doing this. Talented, skilled and productive employees are the pillars of our company. Client feedbacks and appreciation are posted and shared with everyone to boost the confidence of people and keep them motivated in their work.

7. Organizing Various Events And Team Building Activities

To bring our employees closer, the first event we created was ‘Secret Santa’ and it worked the way we expected. After all, who won’t love getting surprise gifts and that too from someone they have no idea about. Likewise, we held fitness challenges, PPL (Plaxonic Premier League) and both these activities have helped Plaxonians engage much better.

Workplace has increased the agility of responses and sealed the communication barrier that existed earlier. We are totally smitten by the way it has made our office lively and energetic where people work with taste of fun every now & then.

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