Initiate, Implement & Inspire : 4 Morning Mantras For Successful Day

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There’s never a thing called a bad day. It’s your power to absorb challenges & appreciation that gives it a name. When you feel that your bowl is full and you can’t handle another setback then you tend to repeat to yourself – “It’s a bad day!” Similarly, when you get praises from your colleagues or achieve a task; this makes you overwhelmed and gives you an impression that you had a good day.

Upon the realization, you might be wondering, how can you amplify your absorbing power so that you feel in control of your thoughts and not in control of your situations? There’s a right explanation in words of Todd Davis –

“When I follow my routine, I feel on top of the world. Regardless of what the day has in store for me, I feel accomplished and in control.”

 Routine gives a high definition picture of you during the day. Surprisingly, the top businessmen and leaders of the world have revealed on many media platforms that their most important part of the day is – Morning.

If you’re capable of rising up in strong control of your sane self, there are chances that you would be following your heart for rest of the day and not that time would be making you work to complete targets before the deadline.

How To Have A Great Start To Have An Energized Mind & Body?

 There is no strict pattern but the idea revolves around having a progressive morning routine. You can follow this 4 steps routine which is prosecuted by leaders around the countries.

Step 1: Give Power To Your Imagination

Imagination is a great way to lead your day in a more creative and productive manner. Each morning you need to imagine your next 24 hours. Your mind is a game of conscious and subconscious. Consciousness gives you an authority to control your actions and thoughts but your subconscious is a collecting bank. It’s there to manage your emotions and feelings. You never ask yourself before feeling low or extremely happy. It comes from within when your collected data is calculated. By imagining the most important part of your days, you’re not only making yourself ready for the upcoming event but also allowing yourself to absorb however it may occur. It’s like filling your tank with positive thoughts and keeping your anxiety aside.

Step 2: Feel Thankful For What You Have

Giving yourself the time to be grateful for what you have, like people to support, work to earn and possession you own, makes you humble. Each day, write 3-5 things in your journal that you’re grateful about. Feeling gratitude imbues you with positive energy and happiness. It keeps you on a path to being a better self and fighting your demons when you’re trapped in negative situations.

Step 3: Read To Get Inspired

Strong people are always looked at as they never cease to their worst feelings. However, it’s false. They become strong because they fight. They inspire others because they stay inspired. Read motivational quotes as reminders to recall that you’ve a higher purpose in life. As Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.” Feed your soul with a motivational food every morning.

Step 4: Meditate To Feel The Space

Lastly, you need to give your mind some space. Enhance your conscience and free up your mind from stress of past by meditating. It’s the best way to balance your mind, body and soul. You need an armor to fight your daily battles. Your aligned self is your weapon in disguise. It gives you the ability to stay focused, efficient and determined.

This 4-step routine each morning can shape your day. Put your plan into action and watch your steps day-by-day to gain stability and find the right direction. Remember, if you can imagine it, you can achieve it.

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