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Customer Dating 101: How to make an influential conversation?

Business conversation has been a subject of interest for people in customer dealing and public relationship field. When it comes to customers, no one wants to risk their satisfaction. It is similar to your first impression on people whom you meet for the first time. Either your words could make you or break you. Companies […]

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How does RPO affect ROI of Company?

Market is spreading out wider because the entrepreneurs are leaving no stone unturned to develop a business out of a mere idea. The trend of outsourcing work has set in new dimensions to increase sales and worth of a company. Past 10 years, processes which were entirely personal to a company’s growth are now finding […]

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6 Business Outsourcing Trends For 2017

The ever-changing business world has a lot to offer in 2017. Newer techniques and fast-paced trends are being adapted and implemented every other day. The sudden shift of swing included work automation and cloud technology which will soon be seen prevailing in almost every organization. It has been found that outsourcing clients are more interested […]

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