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Fostering Transparency and Connections Through Workplace

Being a 24/7 running company, Plaxonic has employees from night and day shifts. Catching up with all the updates from both shifts was getting troublesome and we were looking for a platform that can bridge this gap and connect people together. It was during this time, we came across this amazing digital platform, Workplace by […]

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Business Selling Strategies 101: In The Game Called Marketing

“Business is yours, product is yours but do you own your customers too?” The baffling scenario in world market is about selling your products and services. Entrepreneurs are focusing on their auxiliary processes like marketing and sales team more than their core processes because they understand the profit they could make from these two processes. […]

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Virtual Assistant: The Modified Fragment Of Technology

It is 2017 in real-time but we are already decades ahead in technology. The biggest chunk of appreciation goes to the brilliant minds working towards developing the future close to next century ahead of time. If growth is in question then businessmen would raise their heads in unison to thank internet for providing unbiased platform […]

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