Set Of 5 Guidelines For Effective Billboard Advertising

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Every business can consider spending a good amount of their advertising budget for billboard advertising because it is more cost effective than any other medium and its reach to the audiences is unparalleled.

Given the gigantic size of the billboards, they are difficult to be ignored. Now what is the advantage of this advertising medium proves to be a limitation at some occasions. With this big size, it becomes too difficult to hide even slightest of mistake.

Knowing the huge importance and efficacy of billboard advertising, every business owner should be keen to deploy adept advertising and design team for this campaign. Follow the below given rules to churn out maximum output from the whole exercise of designing and advertising billboard.

• Depict A Story- These ads are unavoidably attractive which means they are always noticed. While a billboard has provided platform to advertise products or services or the business itself, don’t forget it will be in the eyes for short frame of time. In such small fraction of seconds, presenting a design will not fulfill the purpose.
On the other hand, if there is a story in the advertisement, likelihood of not only grabbing viewer’s attention but also sending them a clear message increases largely.

Why Story Telling Is Important?
Human beings are bad at remembering facts but they are quite good when it comes to retaining stories. Crafting a story around the message company wants to give away to the onlookers as they get the glimpse of board is vital. Message can be website or contact number of the business or a need can be evoked for buying product of the client. Also, there should be only one hero in the story so that person who is driving a vehicle gets distracted on road by traffic and a lot more. He may or may not come back to look at the board again. Make it easy for the viewers and they will appreciate it by remembering.

Inference For Corporates- Appoint designers to work on a simple story devoid of any graphic devices, it should be a visual treat.

• Short Is The New Safe- For extracting the most from this visual advertising medium, it is important to keep it short, sweet and hence, safe. Most effective and successful billboard campaigns do not see lengthy shoot. Limit the words to a number of seven at the most. After getting the initial message or the core objective, businesses can consider utilizing the space for providing phone number.
Why To Keep It Simple?
USA, which is a car loving nation, billboards can do a lot to gain the attention of bikers and people sitting in cars here. But the challenge for a business can be passing on the message in very short span of time. It is a no brainer that for attracting and influencing target audience a business has got not more than 5 seconds. One has to either weave a story with powerful images or establish an emotional connect with their audience with the help of short and strong play of words. Bikers riding bikes at a speed of 45 mph come across several billboards but only one or two succeed to impress them.

Inference For Corporates- Businesses should understand the second fundamental of billboard designing- less is more. Avoid complexities and win the attention.

• Make It Large- Say bye to subtleness and go bold with boards. Anything and everything that qualifies to the board should be effortlessly noticed by the drivers.

Why Large And Bold Text Only?
Unless the text in designs is printed in bolds they are hard to read from a distance. The bigger the image will be, the more it will be noticed. Larger fonts tend to be read from a large distance too. By the time drivers reach nearby, billboard will gain attention at least two times. Also, having one big image has its own significance. For eliminating any chances of diverting the attention, it is important to show only one big image to target audience instead of dividing the available space to two or more smaller images.

Inference For Corporates- Neither long lines nor small fonts will be read in billboard advertising. There is no need and use of experimenting with font styles.

• Add Colors- Basic idea of going colorful is to make the design more eye-catching and attractive. Sticking to the message given by the billboard gets easy with use of contrast colors in the design layout.
Why Playing With Colors Is Useful?
While some designers and their clients keep it very simple with a thought provoking single dynamic image, there is always a room to experiment with colors. Bright colors and use of bold image can make the eyeballs move towards the board. Playing contrasting game is important but at the same time foreground should not get overshadowed by attention seeking background.
Inference For Corporates- Ask the graphic designer to make best use of colors and design something very impactful.

• Get Thorough With Topography- Businesses that know their target audience also study about routes they follow. Placement of billboards is very crucial for they are large advertising mediums that have massive reach too. But at the same time, only one billboard cannot suffice since they are easy to go unnoticed, considering the distraction on roads. Careful positioning includes covering the total distance and examining the relative distance between two billboards.
Why It Is Important To Read The Maps?
Billboards are largely placed at highways which connect towns that are miles apart. Consumers who travel long distances look for comforting amenities and products while covering the distance. By telling them what they are looking for is nearby or simply telling them how much distance they have covered or is left, through billboard ad is a very clever idea of sticking your business in their heads, even without getting it into their notice.

Inference For Corporates- Location and circulation go hand in hand when it comes to billboard advertising. Since these ads are action driven, consider investing resources smartly.

The Bottom Line: Contemporary consumers are highly consumed in themselves, smartphones and other gizmos should get the credit. It takes irresistible, thought provoking and impactful design so that a business or the product or the ad itself, is talked about.
Beware of getting flat and boring billboards. Let the masters assist you with amazing billboard designs at very reasonable prices.


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