Top 8 Mobile App Development Trends For Success In 2019

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Most of you are familiar with the fact that smartphones have clearly outgrown computers over the last 10 years. Wherever you go, people prefer browsing internet over phones, tablets, in comparison to desktops and laptops. Connoisseurs perceive app development as the phenomenal drift that facilitates fellows to browse internet over hand-held devices.

As per global digital report from We are Social, there are over 5 billion people using smartphones. Considering the gigantic and perpetually increasing number of smartphone users across the world, the rise in development of mobile applications seems inevitable.

With the ease and speed offered by applications, it is not difficult to understand why mobile-phone users often use these impressive applications, ultimately rendering websites to be used least. So forth, we have gathered the best trends of mobile application development that will leave no stone unturned to make you shake hands with success and growth in 2019.

1. Tailored Mobile App For Your Brand
Businesses may have deployed best teams to design responsive and mobile-friendly websites; they still cannot replace the ultimate way of browsing, applications. Customized mobile apps have been in picture for some years now and the trend will hold its head straight in 2019.
Fortunately, the power is not only vested into hands of the biggies like Amazon, Alibaba and Flipkart to tap the potential of mobile applications. Smaller players are equally keen to unleash the treasure of sales by giving an amazing mobile user experience to their prospects. These days, businesses those were least thought of like food, laundry services, plumbing, and clothes on rent etc. are seeking specialized mobile applications.
Companies that develop mobile applications will surely be subjected to diversified market in the months to come.

2. M- Commerce And Mobile Payments
Another trend that will set 2019 on fire is increasing dependence on m-commerce transactions. Looking back to the days when cash was the sole payment method from now, it seems that ages have been passed. But the fact of the matter is change in the way of shopping and payment has moved from cash to cards to mobile wallets relatively fast.
Customers demand for seamless payment methods when they use mobile commerce applications. A successful application will provides at least 3-4 payment options like debit card, credit card, net banking, mobile wallets and more. Studies suggest that 2019 will see m-commerce transactions leaving e-commerce transactions far behind. It hence, necessitates focusing on integrating payment gateways and mobile wallets for businesses in both Android and iOS development environments.

3. Wear It Up Apps
As more and more number of people are growing health and fitness conscious, the wearable gadgets industry is set to rise to 245 million units in this year from the last year’s 84 million units.
It is a no brainer that along with expansion of wearable gadgets industry, wearable apps too will upswing. The wearable industry will have a worth of USD33 billion by the year end. Skyscraping number of wearable gadgets like smart watches, fitness trackers or wearable handsets bound app developers to bring the best of applications that are suited for the synchronization of these gadgets to the smartphones. So far, the wearable devices include the aforementioned items but the industry is predicted to come up soon for adding more names to it.

4. Artificial Intelligence
Skeptics might look down on artificial intelligence in 2019. On the contrary, it has made it to the list of top trends because of the understanding that AI may not attract huge investments as compared to the last year but its usage (counting on Alexa, Siri, Google assistant) is definitely going to increase.
Some outstanding applications have changed the way of living life by taking over day-to-day tasks like reading, writing and sending text messages, searching things over internet, setting reminders and a lot more. The aforementioned simple yet important tasks run you through some exceptional capabilities of artificial intelligence.
In business landscape, they are considered to be the digital replacement of virtual assistants. However, businesses demand for similar applications in the form of chatbots and personal assistant. Ignoring the trend can turn out to be the biggest mistake of a developer.

5. Augmented and Virtual Reality
Over the past few years, screen size is shrinking and it is predicted to go even more compact. With augmented and virtual reality, size of screen is no longer instrumental for giving an outstanding user-experience.
It is true that AR and VR together have provided a new and promising platform for the gaming apps but that is not all about them. In 2019, AR is projected to advent into health, engineering, real estate domains too. For instance, an interior designer can let the mobile application go upfront and understand the specifications of the customer. The application will further provide the preview of the property based on the given conditions. It will be much easier for both the involved parties to save time and efforts otherwise spend on meeting.
Likewise, virtual reality will come out of the main streams like medical science, space performing simulation of scenarios and serve the businesses for recreating their products seeking customers’ approval. It can be anything from a piece of delicate jewelry to dress for which app developers will design application so that customers can do the needful over phones.

6. Cloud Integration
World took some time to wake up to the possibilities offered by cloud computing and integration. Besides providing better storage, reducing hosting costs and streamlining operations there are many more benefits of developing mobile apps over the cloud.
Applications such as Dropbox, Evernote and Google notes are hot. They are sometime or other used by professionals to get the access to their personal or professional data any time from where they are. Business people are planning to integrate the friction-less experience in training people. This will allow trainees to access the study material as per their need. Cloud integration of mobile applications is very much capable of engaging people and hence, it will be rocketing in 2019.

7. App Security
Growing dependence on sundry applications in smartphones and other gadgets call for platform that scrutinizes them on the ground of security. Remaining apprehensive about data security with mobile apps is a common concern among users. App installation and usage does get affected by questions pertaining to the data security, identity security.
In 2019, app developing companies should look into this serious matter for quick remittance of users’ security insecurities. It goes without saying that applications that succeed affirming users about their security standards will dominate throughout 2019 and even after.

8. Internet Of Things
Fortunately, internet has grown lot smarter than it was in the yester-decades. There are so many innovations going around with internet at the heart. The internet of things has done something that was beyond imagination of our ancestors. It has intelligently amalgamated things that were otherwise non-connected.
List cannot be considered complete without mention of the IoT. Smart homes and smart healthcare are no longer works of fiction but reality. Putting on AC even before you reach home and consult the health record of a patient is all possible as a result of IoT network. IoT rich applications are amongst the must-haves of 2019.

A Quick Wrap Up
As we end this article, 2019 seems to be really exciting in the light of mobile application development. Businesses that count on the gift of mobile app development will succeed, while developers keep an eye on the trends discussed above.


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