Why Your E-Commerce Business Desperately Needs After-Hours Support Services

Why Your E-Commerce Business Desperately Needs After-Hours Support Services

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Gone is the era when businesses used to close down by 5 PM. As far as online business is concerned, 24/7 customer support is crucial as customers are not confined by geography or time zones.

If we talk about e-age customers, they are online every time and shop anytime they feel like. Because online business runs every second, it is important for it to be available for the consumers. Besides building equity among the audience, doing so also gives edge over the growing competition.

E-commerce business has revolutionized the buying and selling cycle to 360 degree. Seeing things from customers’ perspective, they pay for factors such as cost-effectiveness and ease of online shopping significant ambiguity. Distance between customers and sellers add risk to customer’s purchase. Shoppers making purchases through online medium experience a sort of burden during the buying process. This is where customer support services for after-hours come into play as they ease research workload as well as the checkout process. However, to achieve this, higher degree of support is required.

When providing customer support 24/7, every business has two choices:

  • Ask the customer leave a voicemail message to which they revert next morning
  • Answer the call irrespective of the time

As obvious, out of these two, second option is tricky. However, it ensures no loss of even a single customer, which will ultimately gain valuable business. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that online businesses must invest in after-hours support service.

Importance of After-Hours Support

1. No headache of missing an important call
In today’s hectic and advanced business world, offering services around the clock including weekends is important to avoid losing sales. In other words, the more a business is available for its customers, the more sales it will close.

2. Building credibility by increasing business
When a company is available at its customers call, it conveys the message that it cares for them and value their needs. Doing so will grow faith in the business and help it earn successful reputation amongst online shoppers. This way, even if majority of the incoming calls are not urgent, boosting the branding is possible by being available only.

3. Reduction in rejection rates and frustrated clients
When a customer gets support the moment they need it, their queries will be solved promptly. In other words, there will be less annoyed clients and building loyalty will get easy. Moreover, informed customers often complete the purchase and not leave the cart in the middle.

4. Up-sell and cross-sell
Customer service agents easily attend the phone lines, support live chat and respond to emails. This way, it becomes possible to up-sell and cross-sell.

5. Cater across geographies
After-hours support ensures that the e-commerce business provides exemplary customer service to each & every potential customer irrespective if the time zone and location.

6. Increased productivity
When overnight messages from customers go into voicemail, employees get burdened with large volume of work the next day. However, with after-hours support, the burden decreases and helps in organizing and prioritizing the workload.

7. Suits nature of every business type
Every business must get started with 24/7 support if:

  • It deals with time-sensitive products/services
  • There are real-life risks involved
  • Service is the main ability for the business
  • It deals with customers who are out of their time zone(s)
  • Their products are used by the customers round the clock

To get the best of after-hours support without involving into formalities like investing in new employees, technology, training and infrastructural needs, it is good to outsource to a certified and expert contact center provider. With the support of leading and reputed customer service outsourcing company with multi-channel communication, 24/7 operations, enough technology resources and well-skilled personnel, delivering quality of support that is needed by the business can be achieved without any compromise.

Simply hire the reliable business process solutions professionals and let them do everything to take the business forward towards satisfied clients, increased revenues and needed visibility.

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