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A sense of social responsibility is an integral part of our value system. Besides being aware of our promises to the clients and delivering the best services, we are aware of our social responsibilities towards our community as well as employees.


Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world

Spreading Happiness

Spreading happiness is an interesting concept to recognize the efforts of the employees with appreciation, gifts, and love. Giving back them whatever they have earned for the company is not simply a feel-good thing, but, it can drive change in the community and within the organization.

Daughter Of The Moon

Education is the right of every individual girl whether residing in urban areas or rural. The concept of Daughter of the Moon enlightens the happiness and education of girls from rural areas. Girls working in corporate will empower girls in rural areas by providing support for their studies.

Gift Of Joy

Gift Of Joy

Celebration is meant for everyone. We love sharing gifts, food and immense love with the kids and elder people. We go to orphanages or elderly homes and celebrate festivals, as we believe in sharing our happiness and spreading joy through giving.

Training For Underprivileged

Definitely, rural upliftment holds great value. We understand how important it is to enhance the skills of every individual who has talent. We organize training programs for the underprivileged children to shape their future.

Wellness Camp

Since our employees are our strength, therefore, it is our social responsibility to take care of our employee welfare by providing them health insurance, medical checkup, RO purified drinking water and hygienic food. For immediate medical attention, free first aid facilities are available at the office.

Wellness Camp


Everyone has a dream and iWish is the right platform to make those dreams come true. iWish is a dedicated platform for the Plaxonians to ask anything they have been longing for, it can be for the welfare of their own, family members or society. They can send their wish to a dedicated ID and wait for the right day and right time to make their dream happen.