Evoto Case Study Details

About The Evoto Inc.

Evoto Inc. redefines how a car rental works. With a fleet of amazing cars, one can experience luxury for days, weeks, or even months. Evoto Inc is dedicated to promoting eco-friendly travel and spread their passion for EVs. Enjoy a full range of price, experience, and choice of driving superb electric vehicles.



Evoto Inc. had a great concept, not a website. They wanted to build a user-friendly website to let their client’s book cars without the hassle. The website should be immersive and reflected both excitement and professionalism. With the growth in the number of internet users, they wanted to make booking easy and quick through computers, laptops, or smartphones. Moreover, the website should be user-friendly, informative, and responsive.



Evoto Inc. is a strong brand and a rapidly growing business. What they needed was a way to better connect with their clients and help the audience reach them quick. They wanted a better way to structure and organize the whole content, so it looks more intuitive. Working with our UX design and content strategy team, we set out a structure that put their services and cars to rent first and made their blogs easier to find and read.


Style concepts

We designed a clean site with cool colors and simple typeface to emphasize the beauty. Beautiful pictures of the luxurious cars give punch to the designs. Everything was aligned beautifully to give the user a clear picture of how everything works.


Coding at its best

We know how to make a client happy and hence our development team embedded the best technology and their know-how to come up with something amazing. The crisp, professional, and easy-to-navigate website prove it all. The team has catered to every small need of the client such as booking form, newsletter, and so on to provide an intuitive website.


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