Kickstart your career with an internship opportunity at Plaxonic

Step into the inventive and innovative world of Plaxonic, where we fervently believe in inclusivity and equal opportunities for all, be it our seasoned professionals or our promising interns. As an intern, you're not merely a temporary addition to our team; you're a genuinely valued member, contributing significantly to our overarching collective goals.


What happens during your internship period?

Life at Plaxonic is as good as it gets in the industry. With an understanding management team and helpful fellow employees and colleagues, we take pride in the competitive but healthy atmosphere we’ve created around ourselves.


Perks You Get Your Hands On

Competitive Stipend
Potential Full-Time Offers
Skill Development
Certification of Completion
Guided Mentorship
Work-Life Balance

Your Journey, Your Way

Embracing Growth and Success

networking & exposure

Networking & Exposure

Engage with our experienced professionals and fellow trainees, fostering a dynamic environment for meaningful interactions. This encourages the exchange of diverse ideas and concepts, enhancing your learning experience.

Learn From the Leader

Nothing is better than learning directly from managers and team leaders. Working with them offers a firsthand view of current industry trends. Staying ahead and adapting to these trends enriches your knowledge and skills.

learn from the leader
more & more experience

More & More Experience

With us, learning isn't just theoretical. You will get opportunities to apply and test what you've learned. This approach ensures that your strengths are amplified, and areas for improvement are addressed promptly.

Workshops & Seminars

Engage in comprehensive skill-building through immersive workshops led by experts. These sessions empower you with practical knowledge, industry insights, and a collaborative learning atmosphere.

workshops & seminars

Discover the Transformative Journey

The candidates share their unforgettable internship experiences. Listen to their personal and professional growth as they reflect on their time with us, gaining invaluable skills, and forging lasting connections.

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Shubhankar Seth

He gives us an insight into how he was given the chance to improve upon his skills during his internship.

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Vaibhav Pal

He was grateful and confident about being given a chance to prove himself as a front-end developer.

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Aasa Singh Nagi

He is happy to have developed his hidden talents as a video editor he never knew had.

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Join Plaxonic's dynamic team and embark on a journey of continuous learning, personal growth, and exciting opportunities.

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